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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A Common Framework of NBTI Generation and Recovery in Plasma-Nitrided SiON p-MOSFETsDEORA, S; MAHETA, VD; ISLAM, AE; ALAM, MA; MAHAPATRA, S
2013A Comparative Study of Different Physics-Based NBTI ModelsMAHAPATRA, S; GOEL, N; DESAI, S; GUPTA, S; JOSE, B; MUKHOPADHYAY, S; JOSHI, K; JAIN, A; ISLAM, AE; ALAM, MA
2009Isolation of NBTI Stress Generated Interface Trap and Hole-Trapping Components in PNO p-MOSFETsMAHAPATRA, S; MAHETA, VD; ISLAM, AE; ALAM, MA
2007Material dependence of NBTI physical mechanism in silicon oxynitride (SiON) p-MOSFETs: A comprehensive study by ultra-fast on-the-fly (UF-OTF) I(DLIN) techniqueKUMAR, EN; MAHETA, VD; PURAWAT, S; ISLAM, AE; OLSEN, C; AHMED, K; ALAM, MA; MAHAPATRA, S
2009Material dependence of negative bias temperature instability (NBTI) stress and recovery in SiON p-MOSFETsMAHAPATRA, S; MAHETA, VD; DEORA, S; KUMAR, EN; PURAWAT, S; OLSEN, C; AHMED, K; ISLAM, AE; ALAM, MA
2008Mobility degradation due to interface traps in plasma oxynitride PMOS devicesISLAM, AE; MAHETA, VD; DAS, H; MAHAPATRA, S; ALAM, MA
2007On the physical mechanism of NBTI in silicon oxynitride p-MOSFETs: can differences in insulator processing conditions resolve the interface trap generation versus hole trapping controversy?MAHAPATRA, S; AHMED, K; VARGHESE, D; ISLAM, AE; GUPTA, G; MADHAV, L; SAHA, D; ALAM, MA
2008Optimization of gate leakage and NBTI for plasma-nitrided gate oxides by numerical and analytical modelsISLAM, AE; GUPTA, G; AHMED, KZ; MAHAPATRA, S; ALAM, MA
2007Recent issues in negative-bias temperature instability: Initial degradation, field dependence of interface trap generation, hole trapping effects, and relaxationISLAM, AE; KUFLUOGLU, H; VARGHESE, D; MAHAPATRA, S; ALAM, MA