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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Arundic Acid a Potential Neuroprotective Agent: Biological Development and SynthesesFERNANDES, RA; INGLE, AB
2009Chiral vicinal diols as platforms for separable diastereomers in Johnson-Claisen rearrangement: a new short route to (-)-nor-canadensolide, (-)-canadensolide and (-)-sporothriolideFERNANDES, RA; INGLE, AB
2011A Concise Stereoselective Synthesis of the Tetracyclic Naphthoquinone (-)-IsagarinFERNANDES, RA; INGLE, AB
2016A concise synthesis of (4R,5R)-(-)-muricatacin and (4R,5R)-L-(-)-factor from D-glucono-delta-lactoneCHAUDHARI, DA; INGLE, AB; FERNANDES, RA
2012Control of Diastereoselectivity in Orthoester Johnson-Claisen Rearrangement of Tartrate-Based Allyl Alcohol: An Efficient Synthesis of Arundic Acid, a Potential Therapeutic Agent for Alzheimer's DiseaseFERNANDES, RA; INGLE, AB; CHAUDHARI, DA
2012Diastereoselective synthesis of (+)-nephrosterinic acid and (+)-protolichesterinic acidFERNANDES, RA; HALLE, MB; CHOWDHURY, AK; INGLE, AB
2009A diethyltartrate-based synthesis of both (-)- and (+)-arundic acidFERNANDES, RA; DHALL, A; INGLE, AB
2008A short enantioselective synthesis of (+)-eleutherin, (+)-allo-eleutherin and a formal synthesis of (+)-nocardione BFERNANDES, RA; CHAVAN, VP; INGLE, AB
2012Stereoselective synthesis of (-)-1-epi-ventiloquinone L and (+)-ventiloquinone L, the monomeric unit of cardinalin 3FERNANDES, RA; INGLE, AB; CHAVAN, VP
2009Synthesis of beta,gamma-disubstituted-gamma-lactones through a Johnson-Claisen rearrangement: a short route to xylobovide, nor-canadensolide, canadensolide, sporothriolide and santolinolideFERNANDES, RA; INGLE, AB; CHAVAN, VP
2011Synthetic studies on C14 cembranoids: synthesis of C4-12 fragment of sarcophytonolides E-G and L and C5-11 fragment of sarcophytonolide LFERNANDES, RA; INGLE, AB