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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Design and Development of a Test Setup for Online Wear Monitoring of Mechanical Face Seals Using a Torque SensorGOILKAR, SS; HIRANI, H
2008Design, development, and performance evaluation of high-speed magnetorheological brakesSUKHWANI, VK; HIRANI, H
2009Formation of transfer layer and its effect on friction and wear of carbon-graphite face seal under dry, water and steam environmentsHIRANI, H; GOIKAR, SS
2007Hybrid (hydrodynamic plus permanent magnetic) journal bearingsHIRANI, H; SAMANTA, P
2000A hybrid solution scheme for performance evaluation of crankshaft bearingsHIRANI, H; ATHRE, K; BISWAS, S
2005Journal bearing design using multiobjective genetic algorithm and axiomatic design approachesHIRANI, H; SUH, NP
2001Lubricant shear thinning analysis of engine journal bearingsHIRANI, H; ATHRE, K; BISWAS, S
2008Magnetic bearing configurations: Theoretical and experimental studiesSAMANTA, P; HIRANI, H
2004Multiobjective optimization of a journal bearing using the Pareto optimality conceptHIRANI, H
2005Multiobjective optimization of journal bearing using mass conserving and genetic algorithmsHIRANI, H
2007Performance evaluation of a magnetorheological fluid variable valveHIRANI, H; MANJUNATHA, CS
2009Root Cause Failure Analysis of Outer Ring Fracture of Four-Row Cylindrical Roller BearingHIRANI, H
2007Synthesis and characterization of low cost magnetorheological (MR) fluids - art. no. 65262RSUKHWANI, VK; HIRANI, H
2009Tribological study of elastomeric bearings for marine propeller shaft systemHIRANI, H; VERMA, M