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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A characterization of stationary Nash equilibria of constrained stochastic games with independent state processesSINGH, VV; HEMACHANDRA, N
2015A Characterization of Stationary Nash Equilibria of Single Controller Constrained Stochastic GamesSINGH, VV; HEMACHANDRA, N
2004DiffServ node with join minimum cost queue policy and multiclass trafficTANDRA, RAHUL; HEMACHANDRA, N; MANJUNATH, D
2002DiffServ node with join minimum cost queue policy: analysis with multiclass trafficMANJUNATH, D; GOEL, ASHISH; HEMACHANDRA, N
2008Discrete parameter simulation optimization algorithms with applications to admission control with dependent service timesMISHRA, VIVEK; BHATNAGAR, SHALABH; HEMACHANDRA, N
2004Join minimum cost queue for multiclass customers - Stability and performance boundsTANDRA, R; HEMACHANDRA, N; MANJUNATH, D
2007Learning algorithms for finite horizon constrained markov decision processesMITTAL, A; HEMACHANDRA, N
2000A mathematical programming approach to optimal Markovian switching of Poisson arrival streams to queueing systemsHEMACHANDRA, N; NARAHARI, Y
2010Min-Max Fair Power Flow Tracing for Transmission System Usage Cost Allocation: A Large System PerspectiveRAO, MSS; SOMAN, SA; CHITKARA, P; GAJBHIYE, RK; HEMACHANDRA, N; MENEZES, BL
2016A model for equilibrium in some service-provider user-set interactionsHEMACHANDRA, N; RAJESH, KSN; QAVI, MA
2007Optimal auctions for multi-unit procurement with volume discount bidsGAUTAM, RAGHAV KUMAR; HEMACHANDRA, N; NARAHARI, Y; PRAKASH, HASTAGIRI
2012Optimal multi-layered congestion based pricing schemes for enhanced QoSVEMU, KR; BHATNAGAR, S; HEMACHANDRA, N
2017Optimal revenue management in two class pre-emptive delay dependent Markovian queuesGUPTA, MK; HEMACHANDRA, N; VENKATESWARAN, J
2003Performance analysis and buffer allocations in some open assembly systemsHEMACHANDRA, N; EEDUPUGANTI, SARAT KUMAR
2005Perishable inventory management and dynamic pricing using RFID technologyCHANDE, A; DHEKANE, S; HEMACHANDRA, N; RANGARAJ, N
2010Pricing surplus server capacity for mean waiting time sensitive customersSINHA, SK; RANGARAJ, N; HEMACHANDRA, N
2010Sensitivity analysis and optimal ultimately stationary deterministic policies in some constrained discounted cost modelsIYER, K; HEMACHANDRA, N
2009Stability considerations and service level measures in production inventory systems : a simulation studyBIJULAL, D; VENKATESWARAN, J; HEMACHANDRA, N