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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008CAMPUS – cost-effective adaptable multi-protocol user-centric service network for enterprise/metro all-ethernet applicationsGUMASTE, ASHWIN; GHANI, N; CHAN, VINCENT
2008A CAVALIER architecture for metro Data Center NetworkingLODHA, AKHIL; GUMASTE, ASHWIN; WANG, JIANPING; GHANI, N
2008Control plane design in multidomain / multilayer optical networksGHANI, N; LIU, Q; GUMASTE, ASHWIN; BENHADDOU, DRISS; RAO, NSV; LEHMAN, T
2007Delay Sensitive Smoothed Round Robin (DS2R2) scheduler for high-speed optical networksBAFNA, PARESH; GUMASTE, ASHWIN; GHANI, N
2007A design principle for future high-speed networksLU, KEJIE; ZHANG, TAO; FU, SHENGLI; QIAN, YI; GUMASTE, ASHWIN; ZHENG, SQ
2007Distributed inter-domain lightpath provisioning in the presence of wavelength conversionLIU, Q; GHANI, N; RAO, NSV; GUMASTE, ASHWIN; GARCIA, ML
2006Dual auction (and recourse) opportunistic protocol for light-trail network designGUMASTE, ASHWIN; ZHENG, SQ
2008DynaSPOT: dynamic services provisioned optical transport test-bed—achieving multirate multiservice dynamic provisioning using strongly connected light-trail (SLiT) technologyGUMASTE, ASHWIN; GHANI, N; BAFNA, PARESH; LODHA, AKHIL; AGRAWAL, ANUJ; DAS, TAMAL; WANG, JIANPING; ZHENG, SQ
2007Error performance of double space time transmit diversity systemWU, JINGXIAN; ZHENG, YAHONG ROSA; GUMASTE, ASHWIN; XIAO, CHENGSHAN
2007Heuristic and optimal techniques for light-trail assignment in optical ring WDM networksGUMASTE, ASHWIN; PALACHARLA, PAPARAO
2006Hierarchical routing in multi-domain optical networksLIU, Q; KÖK, MA; GHANI, N; GUMASTE, ASHWIN
2006Implementation of burstponder card for ethernet grooming in light-trail WDM networksPALACHARLA, PAPARAO; GUMASTE, ASHWIN; BIRU, ERMIAS; NAITO, TAKAO
2007Intelligent vehicular transportation system (InVeTraS)GUMASTE, ASHWIN; SINGHAI, RAHUL; SAHOO, ANIRUDHA
2008Inter-domain routing scalability in optical DWDM networksLIU, Q; XIE, C; FRANGIEH, T; GHANI, N; GUMASTE, ASHWIN; RAO, NSV; LEHMAN, T
2006Light-frames—pragmatic framework for optical packet transport: extending ethernet LANs to optical networksGUMASTE, ASHWIN; ZHENG, SQ
2008Light-mesh — a pragmatic optical access network architecture for IP-centric service oriented communicationGUMASTE, ASHWIN; DIWAKAR, DEEPAK; AGRAWAL, ANUJ; LODHA, AKHIL; GHANI, N
2006Light-trains: a cross-layer delivery mechanism for high bandwidth applications in moving metro-trainsGUMASTE, ASHWIN; GHANI, N; ZHENG, SQ
2007LiTPiC – Light-Trails and Photonic Integrated Circuits: issues of network design and performanceGUMASTE, ASHWIN; GHANI, N
2007Long reach optical access networks using light-trailsDHANUKA, NISHIKANT; LODHA, AKHIL; GUMASTE, ASHWIN; GHANI, N
2006A novel K-out-of-N auction mechanism and strategic scaling for dynamic bandwidth allocation in GE-PONKUMAR NAGARAJ; GUDHE, ASHISH; GUMASTE, ASHWIN; GHANI, N