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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Application driven comparison of T-MPLS/MPLS-TP and PBB-TE - driver choices for carrier EthernetVAISHAMPAYAN, R; GUMASTE, A; RANA, S; GHANI, N
2010Cloud computing over light-trail WDM core networksGOKHALE, P; DAS, T; GUMASTE, A
2010Cloud computing over metropolitan area WDM networks : the Light-trails approachGOKHALE, P; KUMAR, R; DAS, T; GUMASTE, A
2017Developing and Deploying a Carrier-Class SDN-Centric Network Management System for a Tier 1 Service Provider NetworkHOTE, S; GHODASARA, P; DAS, T; KUSHWAHA, A; SHARMA, S; BIDKAR, S; GUMASTE, A
2010Enhanced crankback signaling for multi-domain IP/MPLS networksESMAEILI, M; XU, F; PENG, M; GHANI, N; GUMASTE, A; FINOCHIETTO, J
2013Evolution of Packet-Optical Integration in Backbone and Metropolitan High-Speed Networks: A Standards PerspectiveGUMASTE, A; AKHTAR, S
2012Extending Light-Trails to Regional Networks: Multi-hop Light-Trails (MLT)-System Design and PerformanceGUMASTE, A; DAS, T; VAISHAMPAYAN, R; WANG, JP; SOMANI, A
2017Flexible Interconnection of Scalable Systems Integrated Using Optical Networks (FISSION) Data-Center-Concepts and DemonstrationKUSHWAHA, A; GUMASTE, A; DAS, T; HOTE, S; WEN, YG
2006Hierarchical interdomain routing and light-path provisioning in optical networksLIU, Q; KOK, MA; GHANI, N; GUMASTE, A
2017How Much NFV Should a Service Provider Adopt?GUMASTE, A; DAS, T; SHARMA, S; KUSHWAHA, A
2010Integrated Fiber-Wireless (FiWi) Access Networks Supporting Inter-ONU CommunicationsLI, Y; WANG, JP; QIAO, CM; GUMASTE, A; XU, Y; XU, YL
2009Light-Mesh: an evolutionary approach to optical packet transport in access networksGUMASTE, A; DAS, T; VAISHAYMPAYAN, R; GHANI, N
2015Models and algorithms for centralized control planes to optimize control traffic overheadBHAMARE, D; KRISHNAMOORTHY, M; GUMASTE, A
2015Multi-Layer High-Speed Network Design in Mobile Backhaul Using Robust OptimizationMATHEW, A; DAS, T; GOKHALE, P; GUMASTE, A
2017Network Hardware Virtualization for Application Provisioning in Core NetworksGUMASTE, A; DAS, T; KHANDWALA, K; MONGA, I
2008A novel node architecture for light-trail provisioning in mesh WDM metro networksGUMASTE, A; JUKAN, A; LODHA, A; CHEN, XM; GHANI, N
2010OBiS : Optical Bit Switcing - a switch architecture for Optical Omnipresent EthernetGUMASTE, A; MEHTA, S; RANA, S; DAS, T
2009Omnipresent Ethernet : a novel metro communication system using binary plus source routing and carrier EthernetMEHTA, S; VAISHAMPAYAN, R; GUMASTE, A
2010Omnipresent Ethernet-Technology Choices for Future End-to-End NetworkingGUMASTE, A; MEHTA, S; ARORA, I; GOYAL, P; RANA, S; GHANI, N
2017On control plane algorithms for Carrier Ethernet networks: Unicast, multicast provisioning and control traffic reductionMEHTA, S; JOSHI, S; DAS, T; GUMASTE, A