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2003Bis-(mu-saccharide-C-2-oxo) dinuclear Cu(II) complexes of 4,6-O-butylidene/ethylidene-N-(alpha-hydroxynaphthylidene/o-hydroxybenzylidene/5-bromo-o-hydroxybenzylidene)-beta-D-glucopyranosylamine: structural aspects and data correlationsRAJSEKHAR, G; SAH, AK; RAO, CP; GUIONNEAU, P; BHARATHY, M; GURUROW, TN
2012Coordination Polymers Formed by the Mono- and Dinuclear Cu(II) Complexes of 1,1 '-Methylene/thio-bis(2-naphthoxy) Acetic AcidBAGHEL, GS; CHINTA, JP; KAIBA, A; GUIONNEAU, P; RAO, CP
2008Influence of alkali and alkaline earth ions on the O-alkylation of the lower rim phenolic-OH groups of p-tert-butyl-calix[4]arene to result in amide-pendants: Template action of K+ and the structure of K+ bound tetra-amide derivative crystallized with a p-tert-butyl-calix[4]arene anionALI, A; RAO, CP; GUIONNEAU, P
2009Role of the orientation of -OH groups in the sensitivity and selectivity of the interaction of M(2+) with ribosyl- and galactosyl-imino-conjugatesSINGHAL, NK; MITRA, A; RAJSEKHAR, G; SHAIKH, MM; KUMAR, S; GUIONNEAU, P; RAO, CP
2014Structural Comparisons of the Binding Cores Formed by 1,3-di-Amide Derivatives of p-tert-Butylcalix[4] arene: Arms Stabilization through Intra-molecular Interactions Including N-H center dot center dot center dot O, O-H center dot center dot center dot Cl and pi center dot center dot center dot Cl TypesDEY, M; GUIONNEAU, P; HINGE, VK; RAO, CP
2011A Zinc-Sensing Glucose-Based Naphthyl Imino Conjugate as a Detecting Agent for Inorganic and Organic Phosphates, Including DNAMITRA, A; HINGE, VK; MITTAL, A; BHAKTA, S; GUIONNEAU, P; RAO, CP