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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002C-S bond cleavage by cobalt: synthesis, characterization and crystal structure determination of 1,2-di-(o-salicylaldiminophenylthio)ethane and its Co(III) product with C-S bond cleaved fragmentsGUDNEPPANAVAR, RAJSEKHAR; RAO, CHEBROLU P; SAARENKETO, PAULI K; KOLEHMAINEN, ERKKI; KARI RISSANEN
2003First crystallographic evidence for the formation of β-D-ribopyranosylamine from the reaction of ammonia with of D-riboseGUDNEPPANAVAR, RAJSEKHAR; RAO, CHEBROLU P; GUIONNEAU, PHILIPPE
2002Glycosylamines of 4,6-O-butylidene-α-D-glucopyranose: synthesis and characterization of glycosylamines, and the crystal structure of 4,6-O-butylidene-N-(o-chlorophenyl)-β-D-glucopyranosylamineGUDNEPPANAVAR, RAJSEKHAR; RAO, CHEBROLU P; SAARENKETO, PAULI K; KOLEHMAINEN, ERKKI; KARI RISSANEN
2002Synthesis and characterization of 4,6-O-butylidene-N-(2-hydroxybenzylidene)-β-D-glucopyranosylamine: crystal structures of 4,6-O-butylidene-α-D-glucopyranose, 4,6-O-butylidene-β-D-glucopyranosylamine and 4,6-O-butylidene-N-(2-hydroxybenzylidene)-β-D-glucopyranosylamineGUDNEPPANAVAR, RAJSEKHAR; GANGADHARMATH, UMESH B; RAO, CHEBROLU P; GUIONNEAU, PHILIPPE; SAARENKETO, PAULI K; KARI RISSANEN
2003Unusual interaction extended between the pyranose ring oxygen and Zn(II) center in the complexes derived from 4,6-O-butylidene/ethylidene-N-(α-hydroxynaphthylidene/o-hydroxybenzylidene)-β-D-glucopyranosylamine: evidence for a pseudo-bicapped tetrahedral complex of Zn(II) based on the crystal structureGUDNEPPANAVAR, RAJSEKHAR; RAO, CHEBROLU P; KALLE NÄTTINEN; KARI RISSANEN