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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Adaptive multirate estimation and control of nutrient levels in a fed-batch fermentation using off-line and on-line measurementsGUDI, RD; SHAH, SL; GRAY, MR; YEGNESWARAN, PK
2010Adaptive peak seeking control of a proton exchange membrane fuel cellMETHEKAR, RN; PATWARDHAN, SC; GUDI, RD; PRASAD, V
2004Analysis of pre-filter based closed-loop control-relevant identification methodologiesSHREESHA, C; GUDI, RD
2011Closed-loop identification using direct approach and high order ARX/GOBF-ARX modelsBADWE, AS; PATWARDHAN, SC; GUDI, RD
2010A constrained recursive pseudo-linear regression scheme for on-line parameter estimation in adaptive controlBADWE, AS; SINGH, A; PATWARDHAN, SC; GUDI, RD
2007Constraint programming based multi-objective sensor network design for fault diagnosisKOTECHA, PR; BHUSHAN, M; GUDI, RD
2007Constraint programming based robust sensor network DesignKOTECHA, PR; BHUSHAN, M; GUDI, RD
2010Control of proton exchange membrane fuel cells using data driven state space modelsMETHEKAR, RN; PATWARDHAN, SC; RENGASWAMY, R; GUDI, RD; PRASAD, V
2003Control-relevant identification for two degrees of freedom controlSHREESHA, C; GUDI, RD
2003Cyclic scheduling of continuous multiproduct plants in a hybrid flowshop facilityMUNAWAR, SA; BHUSHAN, M; GUDI, RD; BELLIAPPA, AM
2012Data reduction algorithm based on principle of distributional equivalence for fault diagnosisDETROJA, KP; GUDI, RD; PATWARDHAN, SC
2008Design of robust, reliable sensor networks using constraint programmingKOTECHA, PRAKASH R; BHUSHAN, MANI; GUDI, RD
2009Detection of model-plant mismatch in MPC applicationsBADWE, AS; GUDI, RD; PATWARDHAN, RS; SHAH, SL; PATWARDHAN, SC
2003Disturbance classification and rejection using pattern recognition methodsMEEL, A; VENKAT, AN; GUDI, RD
2008A duality based framework for integrating reliability and precision for sensor network designKOTECHA, PRAKASH R; BHUSHAN, MANI; GUDI, RD; KESHARI, MK
2007Dynamic analysis and linear control strategies for proton exchange membrane fuel cell using a distributed parameter modelMETHEKAR, RN; PRASAD, V; GUDI, RD
2009Dynamic Kernel Scatter-difference-based discriminant analysis for diagnosis of Tennessee Eastman processSUMANA, C; VENKATESWARLU, C; GUDI, RD; BHUSHAN, M
2010Efficient Optimization Strategies with Constraint ProgrammingKOTECHA, PR; BHUSHAN, M; GUDI, RD
2017Energy-Efficient Production Scheduling of a Cryogenic Air Separation PlantMISRA, S; KAPADI, M; GUDI, RD; SRIHARI, R
2005Errors-in-variables-based modeling using augmented principal componentsVIJAYSAI, P; GUDI, RD; LAKSHMINARAYANAN, S