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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Computational scrutiny of the effect of N-terminal proline and residue stereochemistry in the nucleation of alpha-helix foldGOYAL, B; KUMAR, A; SRIVASTAVA, KR; DURANI, S
2010Cured of "Stickiness", Poly-L beta-Hairpin is Promoted with LL-to-DD Mutation as a Protein and a Hydrolase MimicPATEL, K; GOYAL, B; KUMAR, A; KISHORE, N; DURANI, S
2016Examination of the Effect of N-terminal Diproline and Charged Side Chains on the Stabilization of Helical Conformation in Alanine-based Short Peptides: A Molecular Dynamics StudyGOYAL, B; SRIVASTAVA, KR; DURANI, S
2016Modulation of beta-Hairpin Peptide Self-Assembly: A Twenty-Residue Poly-L b-Hairpin Modified Rationally as a Mixed-L, D HydrolaseGOYAL, B; SRIVASTAVA, KR; PATEL, K; DURANI, S
2017N-terminal diproline and charge group effects on the stabilization of helical conformation in alanine-based short peptides: CD studies with water and methanol as solventGOYAL, B; SRIVASTAVA, KR; DURANI, S
2016Probing the role of electrostatics of polypeptide main-chain in protein folding by perturbing N-terminal residue stereochemistry: DFT study with oligoalanine modelsGOYAL, B; SRIVASTAVA, KR; KUMAR, A; PATWARI, GN; DURANI, S
2017Scrutiny of chain-length and N-terminal effects in -helix folding: a molecular dynamics study on polyalanine peptidesGOYAL, B; KUMAR, A; SRIVASTAVA, KR; DURANI, S
2017Scrutiny of electrostatic-driven conformational ordering of polypeptide chains in DMSO: a study with a model oligopeptideSRIVASTAVA, KR; GOYAL, B; KUMAR, A; DURANI, S
2011Stereochemistry and Solvent Role in Protein Folding: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Molecular Dynamics Studies of Poly-L and Alternating-L,D Homopolypeptides in Dimethyl SulfoxideSRIVASTAVA, KR; KUMAR, A; GOYAL, B; DURANI, S