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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Chemical synthesis and characterization of Ca-substituted YAlO(3) as electrolyte for solid oxide fuel cellsHARIHARAN, R; GOPALAN, P
2011Correlation between microstructure and electrical conductivity in composite electrolytes containing Gd-doped ceria and Gd-doped barium cerateKHANDELWAL, M; VENKATASUBRAMANIAN, A; PRASANNA, TRS; GOPALAN, P
2006Development of novel perovskite based oxide ion conductorSINHA, A; SHARMA, BP; GOPALAN, P
2009Dielectric properties of A- and B-site doped BaTiO(3): Effect of La and GaGULWADE, D; GOPALAN, P
2005Dielectric properties of A- and B-site doped BaTiO3(II): La- and Ga-doped solid solutionsGULWADE, DD; BOBADE, SM; KULKARNI, AR; GOPALAN, P
2005Dielectric properties of A- and B-site-doped BaTiO3(I): La- and Al-doped solid solutionsBOBADE, SM; GULWADE, DD; KULKARNI, AR; GOPALAN, P
2009Dielectric Properties of La(3+) at A Site and Al(3+) and Ga(3+) Doped at B Site in BaTiO(3)BOBADE, SM; GOPALAN, P; CHOI, DK
2008Diffuse phase transition in La and Ga doped barium titanateGULWADE, D; GOPALAN, P
2009Diffuse phase transition in the la and ga doped barium titanateGULWADE, DD; GOPALAN, P
2012Effect of A-site substitution on electrical conductivity and microstructure of YAlO3HARIHARAN, R; GOPALAN, P
1998Effect of aliovalent cation doping ion the electrical conductivity of Na2SO4: Role of charge and size of the dopantSINGHVI, A; GOMATHY, S; GOPALAN, P; KULKARNI, AR
2001Effect of aliovalent doping on the electrical conductivity of the Li2SO4-Na2SO4 binaryGOMATHY, S; SHUKLA, M; GOPALAN, P; KULKARNI, AR
2010Effect of electrode polarisation on the determination of electronic conduction properties of an oxide ion conductorSINHA, A; NAFE, H; SHARMA, BP; GOPALAN, P
1999Effect of homovalent anion doping on the conductivity and phase transitions in Na2SO4GOMATHY, S; GOPALAN, P; KULKARNI, AR
2002Effect of preparative parameters on the electrical conductivity of Li2SO4–Al2O3 compositesGOPALAN, P; BHANDARI, S; KULKARNI, AR; PALKAR, VR
2016Effect of substrate temperature on the structural and electrical properties of La and Mn co-doped BiFeO3 thin filmsKOLTE, J; DARYAPURKAR, AS; AGARWAL, M; GULWADE, DD; GOPALAN, P
2007Electrical properties of Na2SO4-based composite systemsBOBADE, SM; KULKARNI, AR; GOPALAN, P
2000Flux additions in barium titanate: Overview and prospectsPRAKASH, D; SHARMA, BP; MOHAN, TRR; GOPALAN, P
2016Giant dielectric response and magnetoelectric behavior of 95BiFeO(3)-5BaTiO(3) (95BFO-5BT) ceramicsRAUT, RR; SALAME, PH; KOLTE, JT; ULHE, CS; GOPALAN, P
2013Growth and Characterization of Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3 Thin Films with BaTiO3 Buffer Layer (Study of Au/Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3/BaTiO3/Pt Capacitor)DARYAPURKAR, AS; KOLTE, JT; GOPALAN, P