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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Biomaterials and magnetismBAHADUR, D; GIRI, J
2007Comparative evaluation of heating ability and biocompatibility of different ferrite-based magnetic fluids for hyperthermia applicationPRADHAN, P; GIRI, J; SAMANTA, G; SARMA, HD; MISHRA, KP; BELLARE, J; BANERJEE, R; BAHADUR, D
2003Investigation on T-c tuned nano particles of magnetic oxides for hyperthermia applicationsGIRI, J; RAY, A; DASGUPTA, S; DATTA, D; BAHADUR, D
2010Multifunctional magnetic liposomes for cancer therapyPRADHAN, P; GIRI, J; STEINGOETTER, A; KOCH, C; MYKHAYLYK, O; BANERJEE, R; BAHADUR, D; PLANK, C
2004Optimization of parameters for the synthesis of nano-sized Co1-xZnxFe2O4, (0 <= x <= 0.8) by microwave refluxingGIRI, J; SRIHARSHA, T; BAHADUR, D
2005Preparation and characterization of phospholipid stabilized uniform sized magnetite nanoparticlesGIRI, J; THAKURTA, SG; BELLARE, J; NIGAM, AK; BAHADUR, D
2005Processing, properties and some novel applications of magnetic nanoparticlesBAHADUR, D; GIRI, J; NAYAK, BB; SRIHARSHA, T; PRADHAN, P; PRASAD, NK; BARICK, KC; AMBASHTA, RD
2003Synthesis and characterization of biocompatible hydroxyapatite coated ferriteDEB, S; GIRI, J; DASGUPTA, S; DATTA, D; BAHADUR, D
2005Synthesis of capped nanosized Mn1-xZnxFe2O4 (0 <= x <= 0.8) by microwave refluxing for bio-medical applicationsGIRI, J; SRIHARSHA, T; ASTHANA, S; RAO, TKG; NIGAM, AK; BAHADUR, D
2010Targeted temperature sensitive magnetic liposomes for thermo-chemotherapyPRADHAN, P; GIRI, J; RIEKEN, F; KOCH, C; MYKHAYLYK, O; DOBLINGER, M; BANERJEE, R; BAHADUR, D; PLANK, C