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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Annulation reactions of Fischer carbene complexes tethered on a chalcogen-stabilized iron carbonyl cluster: Dependence of reaction pathway on chalcogen atomMATHUR, P; GHOSH, S; SARKAR, A; THONE, C
1998Anodic oxidation of Pb-In alloys in alkaline solution: Effect of In on electrochemical and photoelectrochemical behaviour of lead oxideMUKHOPADHYAY, I; GHOSH, S; SHARON, M
2011Approximate Methods for Estimating Hysteretic Energy Demand on Plan-Asymmetric BuildingsRATHORE, M; CHOWDHURY, AR; GHOSH, S
2013Assembly of Bacillus subtilis FtsA: Effects of pH, ionic strength and nucleotides on FtsA assemblySINGH, P; MAKDE, RD; GHOSH, S; ASTHANA, J; KUMAR, V; PANDA, D
2013Bone Healing Evaluation of Nanofibrous Composite Scaffolds in Rat Calvarial Defects: A Comparative StudyJAISWAL, AK; DHUMAL, RV; GHOSH, S; CHAUDHARI, P; NEMANI, H; SONI, VP; VANAGE, GR; BELLARE, JR
2014Changes in the design and operational wind due to climate change, at the Indian offshore sitesKULKARNI, S; DEO, MC; GHOSH, S
1997Chemical modification of the metal-carbene appendage in new, trimetallic adducts of Fe-2(CO)(6)(mu-EE') (E = S, Se and E' = Se, Te) and alkynyl Fischer carbene complexes (CO)(5)M=C(OEt)(C CPh) (M = Cr, W)MATHUR, P; GHOSH, S; SARKAR, A; SATYANARAYANA, CVV; PURANIK, VG
2010Chemistry of Molybdaboranes: Synthesis, Structures, and Characterization of a New Class of Open-Cage Dimolybdaheteroborane ClustersDHAYAL, RS; CHAKRAHARI, KKV; VARGHESE, B; MOBIN, SM; GHOSH, S
2009Chlorinated Hypoelectronic Dimetallaborane Clusters: Synthesis, Characterization, and Electronic Structures of (eta(5)-C(5)Me(5)W)(2)B(5)H(n)Cl(m) (n=7, m=2 and n=8, m=1)SAHOO, S; REDDY, KHK; DHAYAL, RS; MOBIN, SM; RAMKUMAR, V; JEMMIS, ED; GHOSH, S
2009Climate change impact assessment: Uncertainty modeling with imprecise probabilityGHOSH, S; MUJUMDAR, PP
2011Cluster Expansion Reactions of Group 6 and 8 Metallaboranes Using Transition Metal Carbonyl Compounds of Groups 7-9GEETHARANI, K; BOSE, SK; SAHOO, S; VARGHESE, B; MOBIN, SM; GHOSH, S
2011Cluster Expansion Reactions of Group 6 and 8 Metallaboranes Using Transition Metal Carbonyl Compounds of Groups 7-9GEETHARANI, K; BOSE, SK; SAHOO, S; VARGHESE, B; MOBIN, SM; GHOSH, S
2007A comparative assessment of the impact of different occupations on workers' static musculoskeletal fitnessCHANDRA, AM; GHOSH, S; IQBAL, R; SADHU, N
2009Design of steel plate shear walls considering inelastic drift demandGHOSH, S; ADAM, F; DAS, A
2013Diametric changes in trends and patterns of extreme rainfall over India from pre-1950 to post-1950VITTAL, H; KARMAKAR, S; GHOSH, S
2015Dioscorea bulbifera Mediated Synthesis of Novel AucoreAgshell Nanoparticles with Potent Antibiofilm and Antileishmanial ActivityGHOSH, S; JAGTAP, S; MORE, P; SHETE, UJ; MAHESHWARI, NO; RAO, SJ; KITTURE, R; KALE, S; BELLARE, J; PATIL, S; PAL, JK; CHOPADE, BA
2014Diosgenin from Dioscorea bulbifera: Novel Hit for Treatment of Type II Diabetes Mellitus with Inhibitory Activity against alpha-Amylase and alpha-GlucosidaseGHOSH, S; MORE, P; DERLE, A; PATIL, AB; MARKAD, P; ASOK, A; KUMBHAR, N; SHAIKH, ML; RAMANAMURTHY, B; SHINDE, VS; DHAVALE, DD; CHOPADE, BA
2015Diosgenin Functionalized Iron Oxide Nanoparticles as Novel Nanomaterial Against Breast CancerGHOSH, S; MORE, P; DERLE, A; KITTURE, R; KALE, T; GORAIN, M; AVASTHI, A; MARKAD, P; KUNDU, GC; KALE, S; DHAVALE, DD; BELLARE, J; CHOPADE, BA
2010Direct insertion of sulfur, selenium and tellurium atoms into metallaborane cages using chalcogen powdersSAHOO, S; MOBIN, SM; GHOSH, S
Showing results 1 to 20 of 97
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