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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Analysis of 3000 T class submarines equipped with polymer electrolyte fuel cellsGHOSH, PC; VASUDEVA, U
2017Comparison of coagulation, ozone and ferrate treatment processes for color, COD and toxicity removal from complex textile wastewaterMALIK, SN; GHOSH, PC; VAIDYA, AN; WAINDESKAR, V; DAS, S; MUDLIAR, SN
2014Contact resistance between bipolar plate and gas diffusion layer in high temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cellsSINGDEO, D; DEY, T; GHOSH, PC
2017Copper Nanowire-Filled Soft Elastomer Composites for Applications as Thermal Interface MaterialsBHANUSHALI, S; GHOSH, PC; SIMON, GP; CHENG, WL
2011Diagnosis of scale up issues associated with planar solid oxide fuel cellsDEY, T; GHOSH, PC; SINGDEO, D; BOSE, M; BASU, RN
2017Facile synthesis of highly conducting and mesoporous carbon aerogel as platinum support for PEM fuel cellsSINGH, R; SINGH, MK; BHARTIYA, S; SINGH, A; KOHLI, DK; GHOSH, PC; MEENAKSHI, S; GUPTA, PK
2017High platinum cost: obstacle or blessing for commercialization of low-temperature fuel cell technologiesGHOSH, PC
2014Improvement in solid oxide fuel cell performance through design modifications: An approach based on root cause analysisDEY, T; SINGDEO, D; BASU, RN; BOSE, M; GHOSH, PC
2014Influence of microstructure on nano-mechanical properties of single planar solid oxide fuel cell in pre- and post-reduced conditionsDEY, T; DEY, A; GHOSH, PC; BOSE, M; MUKHOPADHYAY, AK; BASU, RN
2017Landfill leachate: A promising substrate for microbial fuel cellsSONAWANE, JM; ADELOJU, SB; GHOSH, PC
2017Modeling and experimental validation of a unitized regenerative fuel cell in electrolysis mode of operationBHOSALE, AC; MANE, SR; SINGDEO, D; GHOSH, PC
2009Modelling of heterogeneities inside polymer electrolyte fuel cells due to oxidantsGHOSH, PC; DOHLE, H; MERGEL, J
2011Modelling of start-up time for high temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cellsSINGDEO, D; DEY, T; GHOSH, PC
2013Multi-electrode microbial fuel cell (MEMFC): A close analysis towards large scale system architectureSONAWANE, JM; GUPTA, A; GHOSH, PC
2017A new modified-serpentine flow field for application in high temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cellSINGDEO, D; DEY, T; GAIKWAD, S; ANDREASEN, SJ; GHOSH, PC
2016Optimization of photovoltaic-thermal (PVT) based cogeneration system through water replenishment profileTHAKARE, MS; PRIYA, GSK; GHOSH, PC; BANDYOPADHYAY, S
2016Phosphoric Acid Doped Poly(2,5-benzimidazole)-Based Proton Exchange Membrane for High Temperature Fuel Cell ApplicationNAYAK, R; DEY, T; GHOSH, PC; BHATTACHARYYA, AR
2017Recent advances in the development and utilization of modern anode materials for high performance microbial fuel cellsSONAWANE, JM; YADAV, A; GHOSH, PC; ADELOJU, SB
2017Root cause analysis of the degradation in a unitized regenerative fuel cellBHOSALE, AC; MEENAKSHI, S; GHOSH, PC
2013Sizing of standalone photovoltaic thermal (PVT) systems using design space approachPRIYA, GSK; THAKARE, MS; GHOSH, PC; BANDYOPADHYAY, S