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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Acid-base behavior of 3-aminoquinoline in its ground and excited statesPANDA, D; GHOSH, D; DATTA, A
2017alpha-synuclein aggregation and its modulationGHOSH, D; MEHRA, S; SAHAY, S; SINGH, PK; MAJI, SK
2017Alteration of Structure and Aggregation of alpha-Synuclein by Familial Parkinson's Disease Associated MutationsSAHAY, S; GHOSH, D; SINGH, PK; MAJI, SK
2016Asymptotic linear bounds of Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity in multigraded modulesGHOSH, D
2016Asymptotic prime divisors over complete intersection ringsGHOSH, D; PUTHENPURAKAL, TJ
2017Asymptotic prime divisors over complete intersection rings (vol 160, pg 423, 2016)GHOSH, D; PUTHENPURAKAL, TJ
2016A Broadband Active Quasi Circulator for UHF and L Band ApplicationsGHOSH, D; KUMAR, G
2016Broadband, partially unilateral active testset for network analyserGHOSH, D; KUMAR, G
2017Coexisting synchronous and asynchronous states in locally coupled array of oscillators by partial self-feedback controlBERA, BK; GHOSH, D; PARMANANDA, P; OSIPOV, GV; DANA, SK
2014Complexation of Amyloid Fibrils with Charged Conjugated PolymersGHOSH, D; DUTTA, P; CHAKRABORTY, C; SINGH, PK; ANOOP, A; JHA, NN; JACOB, RS; MONDAL, M; MANKAR, S; DAS, S; MALIK, S; MAJI, SK
2013Curcumin Modulates alpha-Synuclein Aggregation and ToxicitySINGH, PK; KOTIA, V; GHOSH, D; MOHITE, GM; KUMAR, A; MAJI, SK
2015Cytotoxic Helix-Rich Oligomer Formation by Melittin and Pancreatic PolypeptideSINGH, PK; GHOSH, D; TEWARI, D; MOHITE, GM; CARVALHO, E; JHA, NN; JACOB, RS; SAHAY, S; BANERJEE, R; BERA, AK; MAJI, SK
2017Differential copper binding to alpha-synuclein and its disease-associated mutants affect the aggregation and amyloid formationRANJAN, P; GHOSH, D; YARRAMALA, DS; DAS, S; MAJI, SK; KUMAR, A
2016Effect of curcumin analogs on alpha-synuclein aggregation and cytotoxicityJHA, NN; GHOSH, D; DAS, S; ANOOP, A; JACOB, RS; SINGH, PK; AYYAGARI, N; NAMBOOTHIRI, INN; MAJI, SK
2014Electrostatics determine vibrational frequency shifts in hydrogen bonded complexesDEY, A; MONDAL, SI; SEN, S; GHOSH, D; PATWARI, GN
2014Electrostatics determine vibrational frequency shifts in hydrogen bonded complexesDEY, A; MONDAL, SI; SEN, S; GHOSH, D; PATWARI, GN
2015Familial Parkinson Disease-associated Mutations Alter the Site-specific Microenvironment and Dynamics of alpha-SynucleinSAHAY, S; GHOSH, D; DWIVEDI, S; ANOOP, A; MOHITE, GM; KOMBRABAIL, M; KRISHNAMOORTHY, G; MAJI, SK
2016Implantable amyloid hydrogels for promoting stem cell differentiation to neuronsDAS, S; ZHOU, K; GHOSH, D; JHA, NN; SINGH, PK; JACOB, RS; BERNARD, CC; FINKELSTEIN, DI; FORSYTHE, JS; MAJI, SK
2014Investigating the Intrinsic Aggregation Potential of Evolutionarily Conserved Segments in p53GHOSH, S; GHOSH, D; RANGANATHAN, S; ANOOP, A; KUMAR, PS; JHA, NN; PADINHATEERI, R; MAJI, SK
2016A minimal conformational switching-dependent model for amyloid self-assemblyRANGANATHAN, S; GHOSH, D; MAJI, SK; PADINHATEERI, R