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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Ab-initio study of NiGe/Ge Schottky contactVAIDYA, D; LODHA, S; GANGULY, S
2017Analytical Estimation of Threshold Voltage Variability by Metal Gate Granularity in FinFETVARDHAN, PH; MITTAL, S; GANGULY, S; GANGULY, U
2017Analytical Model to Estimate FinFET's I-ON, I-OFF, SS, and V-T Distribution Due to FERMITTAL, S; AMITA; SHEKHAWAT, AS; GANGULY, S; GANGULY, U
2009Augmented space recursion study of the effect of disorder on superconductivityGANGULY, S; VENKATASUBRAMANIAN, A; TARAFDER, K; DASGUPTA, I; MOOKERJEE, A
2013Band gap bowing and band offsets in relaxed and strained Si1-xGex alloys by employing a new nonlinear interpolation schemeSANT, S; LODHA, S; GANGULY, U; MAHAPATRA, S; HEINZ, FO; SMITH, L; MOROZ, V; GANGULY, S
2016Beyond optical enhancement due to embedded metal nanoparticles in thin-film solar cellsMOPURISETTY, SM; BAJAJ, M; GANGULY, S
2015Carrier and photon dynamics in a topological insulator Bi2Te3/GaN type II staggered heterostructureCHATURVEDI, P; CHOUKSEY, S; BANERJEE, D; GANGULY, S; SAHA, D
2015Coupled optical and electrical analysis for thin-film solar cells with embedded dielectric nanoparticlesMOPURISETTY, SM; BAJAJ, M; SATHAYE, ND; GANGULY, S
2012Double-Channel AlGaN/GaN High Electron Mobility Transistor With Back BarriersKAMATH, A; PATIL, T; ADARI, R; BHATTACHARYA, I; GANGULY, S; ALDHAHERI, RW; HUSSAIN, MA; SAHA, D
2012Effect of Band-to-Band Tunneling on Junctionless TransistorsGUNDAPANENI, S; BAJAJ, M; PANDEY, RK; MURALI, KVRM; GANGULY, S; KOTTANTHARAYIL, A
2011Effect of sputtering on ferromagnet-oxide-silicon spin injection contactsGUNDAPANENI, S; GANGULY, S; VAN ROY, W; KAUSHAL, S; SUGISHIMA, K
2012Effects of Device Geometry on Output Circular Polarization in a Spin-LEDBANERJEE, D; ADARI, RBR; PRAMANIK, T; GANGULY, S; SAHA, D
2013Electrical spin injection using GaCrN in a GaN based spin light emitting diodeBANERJEE, D; ADARI, R; SANKARANARAYAN, S; KUMAR, A; GANGULY, S; ALDHAHERI, RW; HUSSAIN, MA; BALAMESH, AS; SAHA, D
2015Electrically injected ultra-low threshold room temperature InGaN/GaN-based lateral triangular nanowire laserBANERJEE, D; TAKHAR, K; SANKARANARAYANAN, S; UPADHYAY, P; RUIA, R; CHOUKSEY, S; KHACHARIYA, D; GANGULY, S; SAHA, D
2010Enhanced magnetoresistance in lateral spin-valvesADARI, R; PATIL, T; MURTHY, M; MAHESHWARI, R; VAIDYA, G; GANGULY, S; SAHA, D
2014Fermi-level depinning at metal/GaN interface by an insulating barrierADARI, R; BANERJEE, D; GANGULY, S; SAHA, D
2017Fringe field control of one-dimensional room temperature sub-band resolved quantum transport in site controlled AlGaN/GaN lateral nanowiresKUMAR, AS; KHACHARIYA, D; MEER, M; GANGULY, S; SAHA, D
2017Functional window of the avian compassPOONIA, VS; KONDABAGIL, K; SAHA, D; GANGULY, S
2017Impact of wet-oxidized Al2O3/AlGaN interface on AlGaN/GaN 2-DEGsMEER, M; MAJETY, S; TAKHAR, K; GANGULY, S; SAHA, D
2016Improved n-channel Ge gate stack performance using HfAlO high-k dielectric for various Al concentrationsKOTHARI, S; JOISHI, C; GHOSH, S; BISWAS, D; VAIDYA, D; GANGULY, S; LODHA, S