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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20032-D simulation of multilayered MEMS structuresAPTE, PR; CHANDORKAR, SA; GANDHI, PS
2010A 2D optomechanical focused laser spot scanner: analysis and experimental results for microstereolithographyGANDHI, PS; DESHMUKH, S
2009Active stabilization of lateral and rotary slosh in cylindrical tanksGANDHI, PS; DUGGAL, A
2002Closed-loop compensation of kinematic error in harmonic drives for precision control applicationsGANDHI, PS; GHORBEL, FH
2004Control of hysteresis and kinematic error nonlinearities in harmonic drives for high speed precision control applicationsGANDHI, PS; GHORBEL, FH
2009Control of parallel flexible five bar manipulator using QFTKARANDE, S; NATARAJ, PSV; GANDHI, PS; DESHPANDE, MM
2009Design and development of a novel 2DOF actuation Slosh RigGANDHI, PS; JOSHI, KB; ANANTHKRISHNAN, N
2008Design, analysis and fabrication of microflexural not gateMODI, A; GANDHI, PS; SHAH, H; SINGH, SG
2006Development of 2DOF actuation slosh rig : a novel mechatronic systemGANDHI, PS; MOHAN, J; JOSHI, KB; ANANTHKRISHNAN, N
2004Dynamic tracking and friction compensation in a 3R underactuated manipulatorMAHULKAR, V; GANDHI, PS; BANAVAR, RN
2016Energy shaping control of an inverted flexible pendulum fixed to a cartGANDHI, PS; BORJA, P; ORTEGA, R
2016Fabrication of Multscale Fractal-Like Structures by Controlling Fluid Interface InstabilityUL ISLAM, T; GANDHI, PS
2015Frequency effects on microparticle motion in horizontally actuated open rectangular chambersAGRAWAL, P; GANDHI, PS; NEILD, A
2005High-speed precision tracking with harmonic drive systems using integral manifold control designGANDHI, PS; GHORBEL, F
2003Hysteresis modelling in piezoceramic actuator systemsRAGHAVAN, A; SESHU, P; GANDHI, PS
2017Interfacing 3D micro/nanochannels with a branch-shaped reservoir enhances fluid and mass transportKUMAR, P; GANDHI, PS; MAJUMDER, M
2013The mechanics of microparticle collection in an open fluid volume undergoing low frequency horizontal vibrationAGRAWAL, P; GANDHI, PS; NEILD, A
2006Micro-scale analysis, fabrication and characterization of devices in SMA mu L IIT BombayMITRA, SK; GANDHI, PS
2005Modeling and simulation of cantilever biosensor (for MI) based on molecular electrostatic interactionsRANE, TD; GANDHI, PS
2002Modeling, identification, and compensation of friction in harmonic drivesGANDHI, PS; GHORBEL, FH; DABNEY, J