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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Accuracy improvement for CNC system using wavelet-neural networksSHASHIDHARA, HL; SUNEEL, TS; GADRE, VM; PANDE, SS
2005An algorithm for minimum bandpass sampling frequency for multiple RF signals in SDR systemSEN, S; GADRE, VM
2016Analysis of 2D-gel images for detection of protein spots using a novel non-separable wavelet based methodSENGAR, RS; UPADHYAY, AK; SINGH, M; GADRE, VM
2017Analytic cascaded filterbanks for multicarrier modulationRAJAN, A; SHAH, H; SANGWAN, V; BHADAURIA, I; GADRE, VM
2005Density evolution for multiple-channel communication scenariosSINGHAL, H; AGARWAL, A; GADRE, VM; PITHWA, N
2007Design of 2-D Mth band lowpass FIR eigenfilters with symmetriesPATWARDHAN, PG; GADRE, VM
2010Design of 3D Nonseparable Mth Band Eigenfilters with the 48-Hedral SymmetrySAIFEE, Q; PATWARDHAN, PG; ADIGA, A; GADRE, VM
2006Design of near-perfect reconstruction two-parallelogram filter-banksPATWARDHAN, PG; GADRE, VM
2016Design of Time-Frequency Localized Filter Banks: Transforming Non-convex Problem into Convex Via Semidefinite Relaxation TechniqueSHARMA, M; BHATI, D; PILLAI, S; PACHORI, RB; GADRE, VM
2016Design of Time-Frequency Optimal Three-Band Wavelet Filter Banks with Unit Sobolev Regularity Using Frequency Domain SamplingBHATI, D; SHARMA, M; PACHORI, RB; NAIR, SS; GADRE, VM
2004Digital watermarking with 3-band wavelet decomposition and comparisons with 2-band approachesANURAG JOHN; GADRE, VM; GUPTA, CHIRAG S
2008Eigenfilter Approach to the Design of One-Dimensional and Multidimensional Two-Channel Linear-Phase FIR Perfect Reconstruction Filter BanksPATIL, BD; PATWARDHAN, PG; GADRE, VM
2015An Eigenfilter-Based Approach to the Design of Time-Frequency Localization Optimized Two-Channel Linear Phase Biorthogonal Filter BanksSHARMA, M; GADRE, VM; PORWAL, S
2000Function learning using wavelet neural networksSHASHIDHARA, HL; LOHANI, SUMIT; GADRE, VM
2004Functional MRI activation signal detection using the periodicity transformDESHMUKH, AV; SHIVHARE, V; PARIHAR, RS; GADRE, VM; PATKAR, DP; SHAH, SMRUTI; PUNGAVKAR, SONA
2002Identification of multifractal behavior using entropyMURALI KRISHNA, P; GADRE, VM; DESAI, UB
2002Kalman filter based prediction of broadband traffic burstinessMURALI KRISHNA, P; GADRE, VM; DESAI, UB
2008Lifting structures for quincunx FIR filter-banks with quadrantal or diagonal symmetryPATIL, BHUSHAN; PATWARDHAN, PG; GADRE, VM
2008Modeling of surface roughness in precision machining of metal matrix composites using ANNBASHEER, AC; DABADE, UA; JOSHI, SS; BHANUPRASAD, VV; GADRE, VM
2002Modelling and control of broadband traffic using multiplicative multifractal cascadesKRISHNA, PM; GADRE, VM; DESAI, UB