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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Active commutated thyristor CSI for grid connected photovoltaic applicationsSIVA PRASAD, JS; FERNANDES, BG
2006Analysis and mathematical modelling of matrix converter for adjustable speed AC drivesIMAYAVARAMBAN, M; CHAITHANYA, AVK; FERNANDES, BG
2010Analysis of Flux-Reversal Machine Based on Fictitious Electrical GearMORE, DS; FERNANDES, BG
2004Analysis of voltage and frequency controller for grid connected 3-Phi self-excited induction generator using current controlled voltage source invewerJAYARAMAIAH, GV; FERNANDES, BG
2004Analysis of voltage and frequency controller for grid connected 3-Φ self-excited induction generator using current controlled voltage source inverterJAYARAMAIAH, GV; FERNANDES, BG
2010Asymmetrical DC link voltage balance of a cascaded two level inverter based STATCOMBABU, NNVS; RAO, DA; FERNANDES, BG
2013Axial Flux Segmented SRM With a Higher Number of Rotor Segments for Electric VehiclesMADHAVAN, R; FERNANDES, BG
2017Braking Torque Due to Cross Magnetization in Unsaturated IPM BLDC Machines and Its MitigationSASHIDHAR, S; FERNANDES, BG
2014Cascaded Two-Level Inverter-Based Multilevel STATCOM for High-Power ApplicationsBABU, NNVS; FERNANDES, BG
2012Cascaded two-level inverter-based multilevel static VAr compensator using 12-sided polygonal voltage space vector modulationBABU, NNVS; FERNANDES, BG
2008Comparative analysis of flux reversal machine and fractional slot concentrated winding PMSMMORE, DS; KALLURU, H; FERNANDES, BG
2002Computation of steady-state response in power electronic circuitsPATIL, MB; CHANDORKAR, MC; FERNANDES, BG; CHATTERJEE, K
2016Control of Three-Phase Bidirectional Current-Source Converter to Inject Balanced Three-Phase Currents Under Unbalanced Grid Voltage ConditionVEKHANDE, V; KANAKESH, VK; FERNANDES, BG
2008d-q Equivalent circuit representation of three-phase flux reversal machine with full pitch windingMORE, DS; KALLURU, HARI; FERNANDES, BG
2013DC Voltage Controller for Asymmetric-Twin-Converter-Topology-Based High-Power STATCOMANAND, S; FERNANDES, BG; CHATTERJEE, K
2008Design and analysis of full pitch winding and concentrated stator pole winding three-phase flux reversal machine for low speed applicationMORE, DS; KALLURU, H; FERNANDES, BG
2015Design Methodology for High-Performance Segmented Rotor Switched Reluctance MotorsVANDANA, R; FERNANDES, BG
2014Design procedure of segmented rotor switched reluctance motor for direct drive applicationsRALLABANDI, V; FERNANDES, BG
1992Digital simulation of an adaptive hysteresis current controlled induction motor driveFERNANDES, BG; PILLAI, SK; SUBBARAO, V
2005Direct torque control of open-end winding induction motor drive using the concept of imaginary switching times for marine propulsion systemsKUMAR, A; FERNANDES, BG; CHATTERJEE, K