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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007An advanced soil moisture accounting, procedure for SCS curve number methodSAHU, RK; MISHRA, SK; ELDHO, TI; JAIN, MK
2015Application of SWAT Model and Geospatial Techniques for Sediment-Yield Modeling in Ungauged WatershedsPRABHANJAN, A; RAO, EP; ELDHO, TI
2004Closure To "Treatment Of Natural Geometry In Finite Volume River Flow Computations" By H Capart, T.I Eldho, S.Y Huang, D.L Young, And Y ZechCAPART, H; ELDHO, TI; HUANG, SY; YOUNG, DL; ZECH, Y
2010Coastal Urban Flood Simulation Using FEM, GIS and Remote SensingSHAHAPURE, SS; ELDHO, TI; RAO, EP
2010Comparative evaluation of SCS-CN-inspired models in applications to classified datasetsSAHU, RK; MISHRA, SK; ELDHO, TI
2008A distributed kinematic wave-Philip infiltration watershed model using FEM, GIS and remotely sensed dataVENKATA, RK; ELDHO, TI; RAO, EP; CHITHRA, NR
2009Effect of spacing of two offset jets on scouring phenomenaDEY, D; ELDHO, TI
2008Elitist GA based evolutionary algorithm for groundwater contaminant remediation using rump and treat methodSHARIEF, SMV; ELDHO, TI; RASTOGI, AK
2007An enhanced technique in construction of the discrete drainage network from low-resolution spatial databaseJANA, R; RESHMIDEVI, TV; ARUN, PS; ELDHO, TI
2009Finite Element Method and GIS Based Distributed Model for Soil Erosion and Sediment Yield in a WatershedNAIK, MG; RAO, EP; ELDHO, TI
2008Geospatial estimation of soil moisture in rain-fed paddy fields using SCS-CN-based modelRESHMIDEVI, TV; JANA, R; ELDHO, TI
2009A GIS-integrated fuzzy rule-based inference system for land suitability evaluation in agricultural watershedsRESHMIDEVI, TV; ELDHO, TI; JANA, R
2014Groundwater flow simulation in unconfined aquifers using meshless local Petrov-Galerkin methodSWATHI, B; ELDHO, TI
2012Groundwater remediation optimization using a point collocation method and particle swarm optimizationMATEGAONKAR, M; ELDHO, TI
2006Hydrodynamic modelling of flow over a spillway using a two-dimensional finite volume-based numerical modelBHAJANTRI, MR; ELDHO, TI; DEOLALIKAR, PB
2015Impacts of urbanization on flooding of a coastal urban catchment: a case study of Mumbai City, IndiaZOPE, PE; ELDHO, TI; JOTHIPRAKASH, V
2010An improved AMC-coupled runoff curve number modelSAHU, RK; MISHRA, SK; ELDHO, TI
2006An improved I-a-S relation incorporating antecedent moisture in SCS-CN methodologyMISHRA, SK; SAHU, RK; ELDHO, TI; JAIN, MK
2012Improved Storm Duration and Antecedent Moisture Condition Coupled SCS-CN Concept-Based ModelSAHU, RK; MISHRA, SK; ELDHO, TI
2011Influence of the deflector plate on the performance of modified Savonius water turbineGOLECHA, K; ELDHO, TI; PRABHU, SV