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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Charge trapping behaviour in deposited and grown thin metal-oxide-semiconductor gate dielectricsRAO, VR; HANSCH, W; BAUMGARTNER, H; EISELE, I; SHARMA, DK; VASI, J; GRABOLLA, T
2001Comparison of sub-bandgap impact ionization in sub-100 nm conventional and lateral asymmetrical channel nMOSFETsANIL, K; MAHAPATRA, S; RAO, VR; EISELE, I
2003A detailed experimental investigation of impact ionization in n-channel metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect-transistors at very low drain voltagesANIL, KG; MAHAPATRA, S; EISELE, I
2000Drain bias dependence of gate oxide reliability in conventional and asymmetrical channel MOSFETs in the low voltage regimeANIL, KG; MAHAPATRA, S; EISELE, I; RAMGOPAL RAO, V; VASI, J
2002Electron-electron interaction signature peak in the substrate current versus gate voltage characteristics of n-channel silicon MOSFETsANIL, KG; MAHAPATRA, S; EISELE, I
2001Experimental verification of the nature of the high energy tail in the electron energy distribution in n-channel MOSFETsANIL, KG; MAHAPATRA, S; EISELE, I
1997High-field stressing of LPCVD gate oxidesRAMGOPAL RAO, V; EISELE, I; PATRIKAR, RM; SHARMA, DK; GRABOLLA, T; VASI, J
1999Low temperature-high pressure grown thin gate dielectrics for MOS applicationsRAMGOPAL RAO, V; MAHAPATRA, S; SHARMA, DK; VASI, J; GRABOLLA, T; EISELE, I; HANSCH, W
2000Role of inversion layer quantization on sub-bandgap impact ionization in deep-sub-micron n-channel MOSFETsANIL, KG; MAHAPATRA, S; EISELE, I
1997Simulation, fabrication and characterization of high performance planar-doped-barrier sub 100 nm channel MOSFETsRAMGOPAL RAO, V; HANSCH, W; EISELE, I