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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Aromatic interactions at atom-to-atom contact and just beyond: A case study of protein interactions of NAD(+)/NADP(+)GUPTA, P; DURANI, S
2017Automated protein design: Landmarks and operational principlesKUMAR, A; RANBHOR, R; PATEL, K; RAMAKRISHNAN, V; DURANI, S
2008BIOL 146-Electrostatics-defying interaction between Arginine termini as the thermodynamic driving force in protein-protein interactionPEDNEKAR, DV; TENDULKAR, A; DURANI, S
2016Biomimetic design: a programmed tetradecapeptide folds and auto-dimerizes as a stereochemically articulated receptor proteinGHOSH, P; PEDNEKAR, D; DURANI, S
1998Charge and solvation effects in anion recognition centers: An inquiry exploiting reactive argininesJAIRAJPURI, MA; AZAM, N; BABURAJ, K; BULLIRAJU, E; DURANI, S
2003Combined sequence and structure analysis of the fungal laccase familyKUMAR, SVS; PHALE, PS; DURANI, S; WANGIKAR, PP
2012Computational design by evolving folds and assemblies over the alphabet in L- and D-alpha-amino acidsGHOSH, P; UL MUSHTAQ, A; DURANI, S
2006Computational design of proteins stereochemically optimized in size, stability, and folding speedJOSHI, S; RANA, S; WANGIKAR, P; DURANI, S
2016Computational scrutiny of the effect of N-terminal proline and residue stereochemistry in the nucleation of alpha-helix foldGOYAL, B; KUMAR, A; SRIVASTAVA, KR; DURANI, S
1997Configurationally guided peptide conformational motifs: Crystal structure of a (LDLDDL alpha)-D-alpha-L-beta-D-beta-D-alpha-L-beta type hexapeptide foldFABIOLA, F; PATTABHI V; RAWALE, S; RAJU, EB; DURANI, S
2001Conformational effects of C-alpha,C-alpha-dipropargylglycine as a constrained residueDAMODHARAN, L; MOHANRAJA, K; KOTHA, S; DURANI, S; PATTABHI, V
2001Conformational preferences of heterochiral peptides. Crystal structures of heterochiral peptides Boc-(D) Val-(D) Ala-Leu-Ala-OMe and Boc-Val-Ala-Leu-(D) Ala-OMe- enhanced stability of beta-sheet through C-H - O hydrogen bondsFABIOLA, GF; BOBDE, V; DAMODHARAN, L; PATTABHI, V; DURANI, S
2000Constrained phenylalanyl peptides via a [2+2+2]-cycloaddition strategyKOTHA, S; MOHANRAJA, K; DURANI, S
1997Crystal structures of heterochiral peptides .2. tert-Boc-valyl-D-alanyl-leucyl-alanyl methoxideNAGARAJAN, V; PATTABHI, V; JOHNSON, A; BOBDE, V; DURANI, S
2010Cured of "Stickiness", Poly-L beta-Hairpin is Promoted with LL-to-DD Mutation as a Protein and a Hydrolase MimicPATEL, K; GOYAL, B; KUMAR, A; KISHORE, N; DURANI, S
2014Design of a Zinc-Finger Hydrolase with a Synthetic alpha beta beta ProteinSRIVASTAVA, KR; DURANI, S
2009Electrostatics-defying interaction between arginine termini as a thermodynamic driving force in protein-protein interactionPEDNEKAR, D; TENDULKAR, A; DURANI, S
2016Examination of the Effect of N-terminal Diproline and Charged Side Chains on the Stabilization of Helical Conformation in Alanine-based Short Peptides: A Molecular Dynamics StudyGOYAL, B; SRIVASTAVA, KR; DURANI, S
2004Existence of specific "folds" in polyproline II ensembles of an "unfolded" alanine peptide detected by molecular dynamicsRAMAKRISHNAN, V; RANBHOR, R; DURANI, S