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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Deposition of thin multilayers of Titanium arachidate and 10,12-pentacosadiynoate using the Langmuir-Blodgett techniqueDHANABALAN, A; TALWAR, SS; MAJOR, S
1998The effect of different metal cation incorporation in arachidic acid Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) monolayer filmsRAJAGOPAL, A; DHANABALAN, A; MAJOR, SS; KULKARNI, SK
1998Electrochemistry of polyaniline Langmuir–Blodgett filmsDABKE, RB; DHANABALAN, A; MAJOR, SS; TALWAR, SS; LAL, RAKESH; CONTRACTOR, AQ
1997Formation of highly condensed ferric stearate monolayers at the air-water interfaceDATTA, A; SANYAL, MK; DHANABALAN, A; MAJOR, SS
1997An ion-activated molecular electronic deviceDABKE, RB; SINGH, GD; DHANABALAN, A; LAL, R; CONTRACTOR, AQ
1998LB films of non-amphiphilic diacetylene-1,4(bis-(3-quinolyl)-buta-1,3-diyne (DQ)DHANABALAN, A; MAJOR, SS; TALWAR, SS
1999Nonlinear optical response of a novel polydiacetylene poly(1,4 bis(3-quinolyl)-1,3 butadyne): Role of exciton-phonon interactionSINGH, BP; NAMPOOTHIRI, AVV; KUNDU, T; PUNTAMBEKAR, PN; SAHA, D; DHANABALAN, A; TALWAR, SS
2003Poly[1,4-(bis-3-quinolyl)-buta-1,3-diyne] nonlinear optical properties and its Langmuir and Langmuir–Blodgett film formationBALOGH, DT; MENDONÇA, CR; DHANABALAN, A; MAJOR, SS; TALWAR, SS; ZILIO, SC; OLIVEIRA, ON
1999Polyaniline-CdS composite films obtained from polyaniline-cadmium arachidate multilayersDHANABALAN, A; TALWAR, SS; CONTRACTOR, AQ; KUMAR, NP; NARANG, SN; MAJOR, SS; MUTHE, KP; VYAS, JC
1997Preparation and characterization of mixed LB films of polyaniline and cadmium arachidateDHANABALAN, A; DABKE, RB; DATTA, SN; KUMAR, NP; MAJOR, SS; TALWAR, SS; CONTRACTOR, AQ
1996Structure and polymerisation behaviour of cadmium 10,12-pentacosadiynoate Langmuir-Blodgett filmsDHANABALAN, A; TALWAR, SS; MAJOR, S
1996Structure of CdS nanoparticles containing cadmium arachidate LB filmsDHANABALAN, A; KUDROLLI, H; MAJOR, SS; TALWAR, SS
1998Structure of CdS-Cd-arachidate/arachidic acid composite multilayersVITTA, S; METZGER, TH; MAJOR, SS; DHANABALAN, A; TALWAR, SS
1997A study of Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett films of polyanilineDHANABALAN, A; DABKE, RB; KUMAR, NP; TALWAR, SS; MAJOR, S; LAL, R; CONTRACTOR, AQ
1997Study of Langmuir and Langmuir–Blodgett films of indium arachidateDHANABALAN, A; TALWAR, SS; MAJOR, SS
1999Study of mixed system in monolayers and multilayers transferred by Langmuir–Blodgett techniqueSHEMBEKAR, VISHAKHA R; DHANABALAN, A; TALWAR, SS; CONTRACTOR, AQ
1998Variation of monolayer behaviour and molecular packing in zinc arachidate LB films with subphase pHDHANABALAN, A; PRASANTH KUMAR, N; MAJOR, SS; TALWAR, SS