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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007AdWAS: Adaptive weighted aggregation scheme for single-hop and multi-hop wireless sensor networkJAGYASI, BG; MERCHANT, SN; CHANDER, D; DESAI, UB; DEY, BK
2004Affine invariant extended cyclic codes over galois ringsDEY, BK; RAJAN, BS
2011Blind Adaptive Weighted Aggregation Scheme for Event Detection in Multihop Wireless Sensor NetworksJAGYASI, BG; CHANDER, D; DESAI, UB; MERCHANT, SN; DEY, BK
2009Channel coding perspective of recommendation systemsADITYA, ST; DABEER, O; DEY, BK
2007A Code set for a robust 8.25 Mb/s data rate for IEEE 802.11b WLANsBATABYAL, S; DEY, BK; REDDY, V U
2009Codes against online adversariesDEY, BK; JAGGI, S; LANGBERG, M
2013Codes Against Online Adversaries: Large AlphabetsDEY, BK; JAGGI, S; LANGBERG, M
2010Coding against delayed adversariesDEY, BK; JAGGI, S; LANGBERG, M; SARWATE, AD
2017Communication in the Presence of a State-Aware AdversaryBUDKULEY, AI; DEY, BK; PRABHAKARAN, VM
2015Distributed Rate Adaptation and Power Control in Fading Multiple Access ChannelsSREEKUMAR, S; DEY, BK; PILLAI, SRB
2008An Efficient Multibit Aggregation Scheme for Multihop Wireless Sensor NetworksJAGYASI, BG; DEY, BK; MERCHANT, SN; DESAI, UB
2011Estimating network link characteristics using packet-pair dispersion: A discrete-time queueing theoretic analysisDEY, BK; MANJUNATH, D; CHAKRABORTY, S
2009Feasible alphabets for communicating the sum of sources over a networkRAI, BK; DEY, BK
2008MAAS : Multibit Adaptive Aggregation Scheme for wireless sensor networksJAGYASI, BG; CHANDER, D; MERCHANT, SN; DESAI, UB; DEY, BK
2014An MMSE Strategy at Relays With Partial CSI for a Multi-Layer Relay NetworkELAMVAZHUTHI, PS; DEY, BK; BHASHYAM, S
2010A necessary and sufficient condition for solvability of a 3s/3t sum-networkSHENVI, S; DEY, BK
2013Network Flows for Function ComputationSHAH, V; DEY, BK; MANJUNATH, D
2008Network tomography via network codingSHARMA, G; JAGGI, S; DEY, BK
2016Oblivious Transfer Over Wireless ChannelsRAVI, J; DEY, BK; VITERBO, E
2004On existence of good self-dual quasicyclic codesDEY, BK