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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20122-(2 '-Pyridyl)benzimidazole as a Fluorescent Probe of Hydration of Nafion MembranesIYER, ESS; SAMANTA, D; DEY, A; KUNDU, A; DATTA, A
2015Band Gap Tuning of CH3NH3Pb(Br1-xClx)(3) Hybrid Perovskite for Blue ElectroluminescenceKUMAWAT, NK; DEY, A; KUMAR, A; GOPINATHAN, SP; NARASIMHAN, KL; KABRA, D
2013Binary Complexes of Ammonia with Phenylacetylenes: A Combined Experimental and Computational Approach to Explore Multiple Minima on Intermolecular PotentialsDEY, A; MONDAL, SI; PATWARI, GN
2017Chelation-Assisted Palladium-Catalyzed gamma-Arylation of Aliphatic Carboxylic Acid DerivativesDEY, A; PIMPARKAR, S; DEB, A; GUIN, S; MAITI, D
2016Cobalt-Catalyzed sp(2)-C-H Activation: Intermolecular Heterocyclization with Allenes at Room TemperatureTHRIMURTULU, N; DEY, A; MAITI, D; VOLLA, CMR
2010A Combined Spectroscopic and ab Initio Investigation of Phenylacetylene-Methylamine Complex. Observation of sigma and pi Type Hydrogen-Bonded Configurations and Fluorescence Quenching by Weak C-H center dot center dot center dot N Hydrogen BondingMAITY, S; DEY, A; PATWARI, GN; KARTHIKEYAN, S; KIM, KS
2017A Complete Quantitative Analysis of Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Excitons in Functional Organic Light-Emitting DiodesDEY, A; RAO, A; KABRA, D
2013Constitutional Segregation of Al2O3 in Mold Slag and Its Impact on Steel Cleanliness During Continuous CastingPALAI, P; SAHOO, PP; DEY, A; ROY, TK; MAHASHABDE, VV
2016A Doubly Biomimetic Synthetic Transformation: Catalytic Decarbonylation and Halogenation at Room Temperature by Vanadium PentoxideRANA, S; PANDEY, B; DEY, A; HAQUE, R; RAJARAMAN, G; MAITI, D
2017Efficient paired choice designs with fewer choice pairsDEY, A; SINGH, R; DAS, A
2014Electrostatics determine vibrational frequency shifts in hydrogen bonded complexesDEY, A; MONDAL, SI; SEN, S; GHOSH, D; PATWARI, GN
2014Electrostatics determine vibrational frequency shifts in hydrogen bonded complexesDEY, A; MONDAL, SI; SEN, S; GHOSH, D; PATWARI, GN
2014Influence of microstructure on nano-mechanical properties of single planar solid oxide fuel cell in pre- and post-reduced conditionsDEY, T; DEY, A; GHOSH, PC; BOSE, M; MUKHOPADHYAY, AK; BASU, RN
2012Infrared-Optical Double Resonance Spectroscopic Investigation of Trifluoromethylphenols and Their Water ComplexesDEY, A; PATWARI, GN
2015Mechanistic elucidation of C-H oxidation by electron rich non-heme iron(IV)-oxo at room temperatureRANA, S; DEY, A; MAITI, D
2017Metal-Free Remote C-H Bond Acetoxylation of 8-Aminoquinolines on the C5-PositionTHRIMURTULU, N; DEY, A; PAL, K; NAIR, A; KUMAR, S; VOLLA, CMR
2013Modulation of Protonation-Deprotonation Processes of 2-(4 '-Pyridyl)benzimidazole in Its Inclusion Complexes with CyclodextrinsKHORWAL, V; SADHU, B; DEY, A; SUNDARARAJAN, M; DATTA, A
2015Near Infrared to Visible Electroluminescent Diodes Based on Organometallic Halide Perovskites: Structural and Optical InvestigationKUMAWAT, NK; DEY, A; NARASIMHAN, KL; KABRA, D
2017Nickel-Catalyzed Deamidative Step-Down Reduction of Amides to Aromatic HydrocarbonsDEY, A; SASMAL, S; SETH, K; LAHIRI, GK; MAITI, D
2008On E(s(2))-optimal supersaturated designsDAS, A; DEY, A; CHAN, LY; CHATTERJEE, K