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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Alternative data-driven methods to estimate wind from waves by inverse modelingDAGA, M; DEO, MC
2008Alternative neural networks to estimate the scour below spillwaysAZAMATHULLA, HMD; DEO, MC; DEOLALIKAR, PB
2002Analysis of wave directional spreading using neural networksDEO, MC; GONDANE, DS; KUMAR, VS
2006Application of artificial neural network model in estimation of wave spectraNAMEKAR, S; DEO, MC
2005Artificial neural network to translate offshore satellite wave data to coastal locationsKALRA, RUCHI; DEO, MC; KUMAR, RAJ; AGARWAL, VIJAY K
2008Artificial neural networks for coastal and ocean studiesJAIN, POOJA; DEO, MC
2004Artificial neural networks for wave propagationLONDHE, SN; DEO, MC
2010Authors Response To Comments On Article In Natural Hazards (2008) Nhaz 524, Article 9299, Doi 10.1007/S11069-008-9299-2DAGA, M; DEO, MC
2007Authors' reply to the discussion by, m. Ozger and a. Altunkaynak on: estimation of wave spectral shapes using ann by, r. Naithani and m.c. deoDEO, MC
2014Changes in the design and operational wind due to climate change, at the Indian offshore sitesKULKARNI, S; DEO, MC; GHOSH, S
2007Derivation of coastal wind and wave parameters from offshore measurements of TOPEX satellite using ANNKALRA, RUCHI; DEO, MC
2017Derivation of design waves along the Indian coastline incorporating climate changeROSHIN, E; DEO, MC
2009Derivation of wave spectrum using data driven methodsSAKHARE, S; DEO, MC
2004Design wave estimation considering directional distribution of wavesKUMAR, VSANIL; DEO, MC
2000Directional spread parameter at intermediate water depthKUMAR, VSANIL; DEO, MC; ANAND, NM; KUMAR, KASHOK
2010Effect of climate change on design wind at the Indian offshore locationsDEEPTHI, R; DEO, MC
2016Effect of climate change on shoreline shifts at a straight and continuous coastRAJASREE, BR; DEO, MC; NAIR, LS
1993Estimation of design wave heights for coastal structuresDEO, MC; VENUGOPAL, B
2003Estimation of pile group scour using neural networksKAMBEKAR, AR; DEO, MC
2006Estimation of scour below spillways using neural networksAZMATHULLAH, HM; DEO, MC; DEOLALIKAR, PB