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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Analysis and optimisation of electrode life for conventional and compound tip electrodes during resistance spot welding of electrogalvanised steelsDE, A; DORN, L; GUPTA, OP
2017Building blocks for a digital twin of additive manufacturingKNAPP, GL; MUKHERJEE, T; ZUBACK, JS; WEI, HL; PALMER, TA; DE, A; DEBROY, T
2009Development of a finite element based heat transfer model for conduction mode laser spot welding process using an adaptive volumetric heat sourceBAG, S; TRIVEDI, A; DE, A
2008Development of a three-dimensional heat-transfer model for the gas tungsten are welding process using the finite element method coupled with a genetic algorithm-based identification of uncertain input parametersBAG, S; DE, A
2009Development of efficient numerical heat transfer model coupled with genetic algorithm based optimisation for prediction of process variables in GTA spot weldingBAG, S; DE, A
2013Development of Process Maps in Two-Wire Tandem Submerged Arc Welding Process of HSLA SteelKIRAN, DV; ALAM, SA; DE, A
2016Discriminative Link Prediction using Local, Community, and Global SignalsDE, A; BHATTACHARYA, S; SARKAR, S; GANGULY, N; CHAKRABARTI, S
2009Error analysis of forward and reverse heat conduction and convection calculations considering uncertainties in weldingBAG, S; DE, A
2011Estimation of Melt Pool Dimensions, Thermal Cycle, and Hardness Distribution in the Laser-Engineered Net Shaping Process of Austenitic Stainless SteelMANVATKAR, VD; GOKHALE, AA; REDDY, GJ; VENKATARAMANA, A; DE, A
2002Finite element analysis of resistance spot welding in aluminiumDE, A; THEDDEUS, MP
2002Finite element modelling of resistance spot welding of aluminium with spherical tip electrodesDE, A
2003Finite element simulation of laser spot weldingDE, A; MAITI, SK; WALSH, CA; BHADESHIA, HKDH
2016Friction Stir Welding of a Thick Al-Zn-Mg Alloy PlateBUCHIBABU, V; REDDY, GM; KULKARNI, D; DE, A
2014Friction stir welding of mild steel: tool durability and steel microstructureDE, A; BHADESHIA, HKDH; DEBROY, T
2016Gas metal arc brazing of galvannealed steel sheetsMAKWANA, P; SHOME, M; GOECKE, SF; DE, A
2009A Genetic Algorithm-Assisted Inverse Convective Heat Transfer Model for Tailoring Weld GeometryBAG, S; DE, A; DEBROY, T
2006Improving reliability of heat and fluid flow calculation during conduction mode laser spot welding by multivariable optimisationDE, A; DEBROY, T
2007Improving reliability of heat transfer and materials flow calculations during friction stir welding of dissimilar aluminum alloysNANDAN, R; PRABU, B; DE, A; DEBROY, T
2015In Vivo Analysis of Biodegradable Liposome Gold Nanoparticles as Efficient Agents for Photothermal Therapy of CancerRENGAN, AK; BUKHARI, AB; PRADHAN, A; MALHOTRA, R; BANERJEE, R; SRIVASTAVA, R; DE, A