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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20072-(2′-Pyridyl)benzimidazole as a fluorescent probe for monitoring protein–surfactant interactionMUKHERJEE, TUSHAR KANTI; LAHIRI, PRIYANKA; DATTA, ANINDYA
2001An architecture to support scalable online personalization on the WebDATTA, ANINDYA; DUTTA, KAUSHIK; VANDERMEER, DEBRA; RAMAMRITHAM, KRITHI; NAVATHE, SHAMKANT B
2006Difference in the effects of surfactants and albumin on the extent of deaggregation of purpurin 18, a model of hydrophobic photosensitizerMISHRA, PADMAJA P; DATTA, ANINDYA
2005The effect of ionic strength and surfactant on the dynamic quenching of 6-methoxyquinoline by halidesKONER, APURBA L; MISHRA, PADMAJA P; JHA, SMITA; DATTA, ANINDYA
2007A fast method for discovering critical edge sequences in e-commerce catalogsDUTTA, KAUSHIK; VANDERMEER, DEBRA; DATTA, ANINDYA; KESKINOCAK, PINAR; RAMAMRITHAM, KRITHI
2008Fluorescence enhancement of epicocconone in its complexes with cyclodextrinsBURAI, TARAK NATH; PANDA, DEBASHIS; DATTA, ANINDYA
2004Fluorescence monitoring of pH dependent complexation of chlorin p6 with surfactantsMISHRA, PADMAJA P; BHATNAGAR, JAYA; DATTA, ANINDYA
2004Interaction of Lucifer yellow with cetyltrimethyl ammonium bromide micelles and the consequent suppression of its non-radiative processesMISHRA, PADMAJA P; KONER, APURBA L; DATTA, ANINDYA
2006Modification of ground and excited states of 3-phenylureidoquinoline by encapsulation in surfactant assembliesPANDA, DEBASHIS; DATTA, ANINDYA
2002Parallel Star Join + Data Indexes: efficient query processing in data warehouses and OLAPDATTA, ANINDYA; VANDERMEER, DEBRA; RAMAMRITHAM, KRITHI
2005pH Effect on the binding of chlorin derivatives with Cremophor EL, a potential drug delivery vehiclePATEL, SUNITA; DATTA, ANINDYA
2005Photoinduced electron transfer from chlorin p6 to methyl viologen in aqueous micellesMUKHERJEE, TUSHAR KANTI; MISHRA, PADMAJA P; DATTA, ANINDYA
2004Photophysical properties of boron-dipyrrin appended porphyrins with heteroatom coresKUMARESAN, D; DATTA, ANINDYA; RAVIKANTH, M
2002A proxy-based approach for dynamic content acceleration on the WWWDATTA, ANINDYA; DUTTA, KAUSHIK; THOMAS, HELEN; VANDERMEER, DEBRA; RAMAMRITHAM, KRITHI; SURESHA
2008Synthesis, aggregation and photoinduced electron transfer processes of cationic water-soluble 21-thia and 21-oxaporphyrinsSANTRA, SANGITA; MUKHERJEE, TUSHAR KANTI; BABEL, NAVODIT; GUPTA, ITI; DATTA, ANINDYA; RAVIKANTH, M