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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012(2,2 '-Bipyridyl)-3-3 '-diol in Nafion: Stabilization of Unusual Ground and Excited StatesIYER, ESS; DATTA, A
20122-(2 '-Pyridyl)benzimidazole as a Fluorescent Probe of Hydration of Nafion MembranesIYER, ESS; SAMANTA, D; DEY, A; KUNDU, A; DATTA, A
2002Accelerating dynamic Web content generationDATTA, A; DUTTA, K; THOMAS, H; VANDERMEER, D; RAMARITHAM, K
2009Acid-base behavior of 3-aminoquinoline in its ground and excited statesPANDA, D; GHOSH, D; DATTA, A
2013Anisotropic dynamics of guest molecules in aerosol OT lamellar structuresDE, D; SAJJANZ, M; DATTA, A
2006Anomalous excited-state dynamics of Lucifer yellow CH in solvents of high polarity: Evidence for an intramolecular proton transferPANDA, D; MISHRA, PP; KHATUA, S; KONER, AL; SUNOJ, RB; DATTA, A
2004Atmospheric neutrinos as a probe of CPT violationDATTA, A; GANDHI, R; MEHTA, P; SANKAR, SU
2007BIOL 171-Binding of a potent PDT drug to the vicinity of Sudlow's Site I of human serum albumin: A biophysical studyPATEL, S; DATTA, A
2016A case study on the myth of emission from aliphatic amidesSINGH, AK; DAS, S; DATTA, A
2006Chlorin p(6) as a fluorescent probe for the investigation of surfactant-cyclodextrin interactionsMISHRA, PP; ADHIKARY, R; LAHIRI, P; DATTA, A
2006Chlorin p(6) as a fluorescent probe for the investigation of surfactant-cyclodextrin interactions - art. no. 609708MISHRA, PP; ADHIKARY, R; LAHIRI, P; DATTA, A
2015Competitive binding of Chlorin p(6) and Dansyl-L-Proline to Sudlow's site II of human serum albuminPATEL, S; SHARMA, KK; DATTA, A
2010A comprehensive analysis on scaling prospects of dual-bit channel engineered SONOS NOR-flash EEPROM cellsDATTA, A; MAHAPATRA, S
2009Cryptand cage: perfect skeleton for transition metal induced two-step fluorescence resonance energy transferSADHU, KK; BANERJEE, S; DATTA, A; BHARADWAJ, PK
2008Design and synthesis of a novel anthracene-based fluorescent probe through the application of the Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling reactionKOTHA, S; SHAH, VR; MISHRA, PP; DATTA, A
2004Diruthenium complexes [{(acac)(2)Ru-III}(2)(mu-OC2H5)(2)], [{(acac)(2)Ru-III}(2)(mu-L)](ClO4)(2), and [{(bpy)(2)Ru-II}(2)(mu-L)](ClO4)(4) [L=(NC5H4)(2)-N-C6H4-N-(NC5H4)(2), acac = acetylacetonate, and bpy=2,2 '-bipyridine]. Synthesis, structure, magnetic, spectral, and photophysical aspectsKAR, S; CHANDA, N; MOBIN, SM; DATTA, A; URBANOS, FA; PURANIK, VG; JIMENEZ-APARICIO, R; LAHIRI, GK
2014Doping of Polyaniline with 6-Cyano-2-naphtholDAS, D; DATTA, A; CONTRACTOR, AQ
2007Dual-bit/cell SONOS flash EEPROMs: impact of channel engineering on programming speed and bit coupling effectDATTA, A; BHARATH KUMAR, P; MAHAPATRA, S
2001Dynamic content acceleration : a caching solution to enable scalable dynamic Web page generationDATTA, A; DUTTA, K; RAMAMRITHAM, K; THOMAS, H; VANDERMEER, D