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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Analytical and finite element modeling of strain generated in equal channel angular extrusionMILIND, TR; DATE, PP
2011Application of electromagnetic impact technique for welding copper-to-stainless steel sheetsKORE, SD; DATE, PP; KULKARNI, SV; KUMAR, S; RANI, D; KULKARNI, MR; DESAI, SV; RAJAWAT, RK; NAGESH, KV; CHAKRAVARTY, DP
2000Assessment of influence of some process parameters on sheet metal blankingMAITI, SK; AMBEKAR, AA; SINGH, UP; DATE, PP; NARASIMHAN, K
2001Comparison of fracture in sheets of low pressure gas (LPG) steel and aluminium alloysDATE, PP; PADMANABHAN, KA
2001Deformation behaviour of sheets of three aerospace Al-alloysDATE, PP; PADMANABHAN, KA
2000Development of an artificial neural network to predict springback in air vee bendingINAMDAR, M; DATE, PP; NARASIMHAN, K; MAITI, SK; SINGH, UP
2004Effect of heat treatment on the tensile properties of Al-Li alloysBAIRWA, ML; DATE, PP
2002Effect of in-plane biaxial strain paths on the variation of normal anisotropy and texture of steel sheetVANKUDRE, HV; DATE, PP; SAMAJDAR, I; YERRA, SK
2007Effect of process parameters on electromagnetic impact welding of aluminum sheetsKORE, SD; DATE, PP; KULKARNI, SV
2004Effect of strain path and the magnitude of prestrain on the formability of a low carbon steel: On the textural and microtextural developmentsYERRA, SK; VANKUDRE, HV; DATE, PP; SAMAJDAR, I
2009Electromagnetic Impact Welding of Al-to-Al-Li SheetsKORE, SD; DATE, PP; KULKARNI, SV; KUMAR, S; KULKARNI, MR; DESAI, SV; RAJAWAT, RK; NAGESH, KV; CHAKRAVARTY, DP
2008Electromagnetic impact welding of aluminum to stainless steel sheetsKORE, SD; DATE, PP; KULKARNI, SV
2003Evaluation of the mean plastic strain ratio r(m) of metallic sheets prestrained along different biaxial strain pathsVANKUDRE, HV; DATE, PP
2000A hybrid intelligent systems approach for die design in sheet metal formingPILANI, R; NARASIMHAN, K; MAITI, SK; SINGH, UP; DATE, PP
2005Identification of heat treatments for better formability in an aluminum-lithium alloy sheetBAIRWA, ML; DESAI, SG; DATE, PP
2006Minimizing wastage of sheet metal for economical manufacturingKAMALAPURKAR, RL; DATE, PP
1994A new criterion to predict necking failure under biaxial stretchingKUMAR, S; DATE, PP; NARASIMHAN, K
2010Numerical modeling of electromagnetic weldingKORE, SD; DHANESH, P; KULKARNI, SV; DATE, PP
2004Numerical simulation of the influence of air bending tool geometry on product qualitySINGH, UP; MAITI, SK; DATE, PP; NARASIMHAN, K
2002On the effects of geometric parameters on springback in sheets of five materials subjected to air vee bendingINAMDAR, MV; DATE, PP; SABNIS, SV