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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Chemical modification of 3-HBA-6-hydroxylase by phenylglyoxal: Kinetic acid physicochemical studies on the modified enzymeSUMATHI, S; DASGUPTA, D; VAIDYANATHAN, CS
2002Comparison of the history effects in magnetization in weakly pinned crystals of high T-c and low T-c superconductorsPAL, D; SARKAR, S; TULAPURKAR, A; RAMAKRISHNAN, S; GROVER, AK; RAVIKUMAR, G; DASGUPTA, D; SARMA, BK; TOMY, CV; BALAKRISHNAN, G; PAUL, DM
2005Deuterium oxide promotes assembly and bundling of FtsZ protofilamentsSANTRA, MK; DASGUPTA, D; PANDA, D
2010Dynamic simulation of secondary treatment processes using trickling filters in a sewage treatment works in Howrah, west Bengal, IndiaPAL, S; SARKAR, U; DASGUPTA, D
2006Effect of denaturants on the structure and activity of 3-hydroxybenzoate-6-hydroxylaseSUMATHI, S; DASGUPTA, D
2016Emission of bacterial bioaerosols from a composting facility in Maharashtra, IndiaPAHARI, AK; DASGUPTA, D; PATIL, RS; MUKHERJI, S
2001Interaction of 3-hydroxybenzoate with 3-hydroxybenzoate-6-hydroxylaseSURESH, S; DASGUPTA, D
2006Interaction of 3-hydroxybenzoate-6-hydroxylase with cibacron blueSUMATHI, S; DASGUPTA, D
2001Multiple magnetization peaks in weakly pinned Ca3Rh4Sn13 and YBa2Cu3O7-deltaSARKAR, S; PAL, D; PAULOSE, PL; RAMAKRISHNAN, S; GROVER, AK; TOMY, CV; DASGUPTA, D; SARMA, BK; BALAKRISHNAN, G; PAUL, DM
2006Pyrene excimer fluorescence of yeast alcohol dehydrogenase: A sensitive probe to investigate ligand binding and unfolding pathway of the enzymeSANTRA, MK; DASGUPTA, D; PANDA, D
2000Reactivity of 3-HBA-6-hydroxylase with diethylpyrocarbonate and N-bromosuccinimide: Effect of chemical modifications on kinetic and spectral properties of the enzymeSUMATHI, S; DASGUPTA, D