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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Body movement activity recognition for ambulatory cardiac monitoringPAWAR, T; CHAUDHURI, SUBHASIS; DUTTAGUPTA, SP
2008A context-sensitive clustering technique based on graph-cut initialization and expectation-maximization algorithmTYAGI, MAYANK; BOVOLO, F; MEHRA, AK; CHAUDHURI, SUBHASIS; BRUZZONE, L
2001Depth from defocus in presence of partial self occlusionBHASIN, SS; CHAUDHURI, SUBHASIS
2005High-resolution slow-motion sequencing: how to generate a slow-motion sequence from a bit streamCHAUDHURI, SUBHASIS; TAUR, DR
2007Impact analysis of body movement in ambulatory ECGPAWAR, T; ANANTAKRISHNAN, NS; CHAUDHURI, SUBHASIS
2005A learning-based method for image super-resolution from zoomed observationsCHAUDHURI, SUBHASIS; JOSHI, MV; PANUGANTI, R
2007A matte-less, variational approach to automatic scene compositingRAMAN, SHANMUGANATHAN; CHAUDHURI, SUBHASIS
2002Mixed & H2/H∞ algorithm for exponentially windowed adaptive filteringKOTHARI, SD; BANAVAR, RN; CHAUDHURI, SUBHASIS
2006A model-based approach to multiresolution fusion in remotely sensed imagesJOSHI, MV; BRUZZONE, L; CHAUDHURI, SUBHASIS
2008Multidimensional probability density function matching for preprocessing of multitemporal remote sensing imagesCHAUDHURI, SUBHASIS; INAMDAR, S; BOVOLO, F; BRUZZONE, L
2008Perception-based data reduction and transmission of haptic data in telepresence and teleaction systemsHINTERSEER, PETER; HIRCHE, SANDRA; CHAUDHURI, SUBHASIS; STEINBACH, ECKEHARD; BUSS, MARTIN
2000A perceptually organized method for image interpolationRAJAN, DEEPU; CHAUDHURI, SUBHASIS
1991Performance analysis of total least squares methods in three-dimensional motion estimationCHAUDHURI, SUBHASIS; CHATTERJEE, SHANKAR
2004Photometric stereo under blurred observationsJOSHI, MV; CHAUDHURI, SUBHASIS
1998A recursive algorithm for maximum likelihood-based identification of blur from multiple observationsCHAUDHURI, SUBHASIS; RAJAGOPALAN, AN
1997Robust detection of skew in document imagesCHAUDHURI, SUBHASIS; CHAUDHURI, AVANINDRA
1991Robust estimation of 3-D motion parameters in presence of correspondence mismatchesCHAUDHURI, SUBHASIS; CHATTERJEE, SHANKAR
2003Self-induced color correction for skin tracking under varying illuminationNAYAK, A; CHAUDHURI, SUBHASIS
2000Toward automatic robot programming: learning human skill from visual dataCHAUDHURI, SUBHASIS; YEASIN, M
2007Transition detection in body movement activities for wearable ECGPAWAR, T; ANANTAKRISHNAN, NS; CHAUDHURI, SUBHASIS; DUTTAGUPTA, SP