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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A 21st century approach to tackling dengue: Crowdsourced surveillance, predictive mapping and tailored communicationLWIN, MO; VIJAYKUMAR, S; FERNANDO, ONN; CHEONG, SA; RATHNAYAKE, VS; LIM, G; THENG, YL; CHAUDHURI, S; FOO, S
2011Adaptive smoothness based robust active contoursSRIKRISHNAN, V; CHAUDHURI, S
2006Alias-free interpolationJIJI, C; NEETHU, P; CHAUDHURI, S
2006Analysis of ambulatory ECG signalPAWAR, T; CHAUDHURI, S; DUTTAGUPTA, SP
2009Application Of Papoulis-Gerchberg Method In Image Super-Resolution and InpaintingCHATTERJEE, P; MUKHERJEE, S; CHAUDHURI, S; SEETHARAMAN, G
2007Automated billboard insertion in videoSHAH, H; CHAUDHURI, S
1997Automated detection of infiltration and cavitation in digital chest radiographs of chronic pulmonary tuberculosisSARKAR, S; CHAUDHURI, S
2009Automatic capsule preparation for lecture videoRAM, AR; CHAUDHURI, S
2006Automatic illumination correction for scene enhancement and object trackingNAYAK, A; CHAUDHURI, S
1997Automatic robot programming by visual demonstration of task executionYEASIN, M; CHAUDHURI, S
2013A Bayesian approach to visualization-oriented hyperspectral image fusionKOTWAL, K; CHAUDHURI, S
1995A block shift-variant blur model for recovering depth from defocused imagesRAJAGOPALAN, AN; CHAUDHURI, S
2017Congestion Control for Network-Aware Telehaptic CommunicationGOKHALE, V; NAIR, J; CHAUDHURI, S
2004Content based image retrieval using motif cooccurrence matrixJHANWAR, N; CHAUDHURI, S; SEETHARAMAN, G; ZAVIDOVIQUE, B
2002Content based image retrieval using optimum Peano scanJHANWAR, N; CHAUDHURI, S; SEETHARAMAN, G; ZAVIDOVIQUE, B
2006Content-based image retrieval in presence of foreground disturbancesSHEKHAR, R; CHAUDHURI, S
2005A context-sensitive Bayesian technique for the partially supervised classification of multitemporal imagesCOSSU, R; CHAUDHURI, S; BRUZZONE, L
2015Convergence analysis of a quadratic upper bounded TV regularizer based blind deconvolutionRENU, MR; CHAUDHURI, S; VELMURUGAN, R
2016CustomCut: On-demand Extraction of Customized 3D Parts with 2D SketchesGUO, XK; LIN, JC; XU, K; CHAUDHURI, S; JIN, XG