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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Approximation algorithms for the achromatic numberCHAUDHARY, A; VISHWANATHAN, S
2011Chemically modified oximato complexes of titanium(IV) isopropoxide as new precursors for the sol-gel preparation of nano-sized titania: Crystal and molecular structure of [Ti{ONC(10)H(16)}(4)center dot 2CH(2)Cl(2)]CHAUDHARY, A; DHAYAL, V; NAGAR, M; BOHRA, R; MOBIN, SM; MATHUR, P
2017Consistency of the Two Component Composite Modeling Framework for NBTI in Large and Small Area p-MOSFETsCHAUDHARY, A; FERNANDEZ, B; PARIHAR, N; MAHAPATRA, S
2009Dissolved core alginate microspheres as "Smart-Tattoo" glucose sensorsCHAUDHARY, A; RAINA, M; MCSHANE, MJ; SRIVASTAVA, R
2009Evaluation of Glucose Sensitive Affinity Binding Assay Entrapped in Fluorescent Dissolved-Core Alginate MicrospheresCHAUDHARY, A; RAINA, M; HARMA, H; HANNINEN, P; MCSHANE, MJ; SRIVASTAVA, R
2010Glucose response of dissolved-core alginate microspheres: towards a continuous glucose biosensorCHAUDHARY, A; MCSHANE, MJ; SRIVASTAVA, R
2011Glucose Response of Near-Infrared Alginate-Based Microsphere Sensors Under Dynamic Reversible ConditionsCHAUDHARY, A; HARMA, H; HANNINEN, P; MCSHANE, MJ; SRIVASTAVA, R
2008Glucose sensing using competitive binding assay co-encapsulated in uniform sized alginate microspheresCHAUDHARY, A; SRIVASTAVA, R
2016A Modeling Framework for NBTI Degradation Under Dynamic Voltage and Frequency ScalingPARIHAR, N; GOEL, N; CHAUDHARY, A; MAHAPATRA, S
2012Molecular precursors for the preparation of homogenous zirconia-silica materials by hydrolytic sol-gel process in organic media. Crystal structures of [Zr{OSi((OBu)-Bu-t)(3)}(4)(H2O)(2)]center dot 2H(2)O and [Ti((OBu)-Bu-t){OSi((OBu)-Bu-t)(3)}(3)]DHAYAL, V; CHAUDHARY, A; CHOUDHARY, BL; NAGAR, M; BOHRA, R; MOBIN, SM; MATHUR, P
2013A Physical and SPICE Mobility Degradation Analysis for NBTICHAUDHARY, A; MAHAPATRA, S
2016TCAD-Based Predictive NBTI Framework for Sub-20-nm Node Device Design ConsiderationsMISHRA, S; WONG, HY; TIWARI, R; CHAUDHARY, A; RAO, R; MOROZ, V; MAHAPATRA, S