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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Boundary induced phase transition with stochastic entrance and exitMITRA, MK; CHATTERJEE, S
1999Cis- and transisomers of mixed chalcogen clusters, CP2MO2FE2(mu S-3)(mu(3)-E)(CO)(8), (E=SE,TE): Synthesis and characterization.CHATTERJEE, S; MATHUR, P
2016Effect of compartmentalization of donor and acceptor on the ultrafast resonance energy transfer from DAPI to silver nanoclustersPRAJAPATI, R; CHATTERJEE, S; KANNAUJIYA, KK; MUKHERJEE, TK
2015Excited State Dynamics of Brightly Fluorescent Second Generation Epicocconone AnaloguesCHATTERJEE, S; KARUSO, P; BOULANGE, A; FRANCK, X; DATTA, A
2017Flow transitions in a partially filled rotating inclined pipe with continuous flowCHATTERJEE, S; SUGILAL, G; PRABHU, SV
2008Formation of N-methylated cyclic ligand systems from unusual reactions between trimethylamine N-oxide and acetylenes on Fe3Te2(CO)(9) and contrast with reactions on Fe3E2(CO)(9) (E = S, Se)MATHUR, P; SINGH, AK; MOHANTY, JR; CHATTERJEE, S; MOBIN, SM
2017Generalized Design Approach for Inclined Strip Anchors in ClaySINGH, V; MAITRA, S; CHATTERJEE, S
2016Generalized framework to predict undrained uplift capacity of buried offshore pipelinesMAITRA, S; CHATTERJEE, S; CHOUDHURY, D
2017Influences of strain rate and soil remoulding on initial break-out resistance of deepwater on-bottom pipelinesGHORAI, B; CHATTERJEE, S
2007INOR 1005-Time-resolved and chemical trapping determination of singlet oxygen quantum yield generated by metallo-phthalocyanine photosensitizationMATHUR, P; SINGH, AK; CHATTERJEE, S; DAS, A; MOBIN, SM
2010Magnetic properties of Ni(2+x)Mn(1-x)In Heusler alloys: Theory and experimentCHATTERJEE, S; SINGH, VR; DEB, AK; GIRI, S; DE, SK; DASGUPTA, I; MAJUMDAR, S
2007Manganese containing heterometallic clusters containing ligands derived from elements of groups 15 and 16MATHUR, P; CHATTERJEE, S; TORUBAEV, YV
2010Metal carbonyl-promoted reactions of ferrocenylacetylene with sulfur to form thiophene, dithiine, thioketone and vinylthioketone derivativesMATHUR, P; SINGH, AK; CHATTERJEE, S; SINGH, VK; MOBIN, SM
2008Mixed metal acetylide complexesMATHUR, P; CHATTERJEE, S; AVASARE, VD
2011Multifunctional behavior of ZnO supported Bi(1-x)Dy(x)FeO(3) nanorodsMANDAL, M; CHATTERJEE, S; PALKAR, VR
2001Novel approach to mixed Group 15/16 element ligands - Formation of unusual trichalcogenophosphonato ligands in mixed Fe/Cr clustersSCHEER, M; UMBARKAR, SB; CHATTERJEE, S; TRIVEDI, R; MATHUR, P
2005Oxo incorporated metal acetylide complexesMATHUR, P; CHATTERJEE, S
1996Recursive estimation of motion parametersCHAUDHURI, S; SHARMA, S; CHATTERJEE, S
2013The Role of Different Structural Motifs in the Ultrafast Dynamics of Second Generation Protein StainsCHATTERJEE, S; KARUSO, P; BOULANGE, A; PEIXOTO, PA; FRANCK, X; DATTA, A
2010Role of spacer in single- or two-step FRET: studies in the presence of two connected cryptands with properly chosen. uorophoresSADHU, KK; CHATTERJEE, S; SEN, S; BHARADWAJ, PK