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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014An Active Harmonic Filter Based on One-Cycle ControlSREERAJ, ES; PREJITH, EK; CHATTERJEE, K; BANDYOPADHYAY, S
2012Addition of runs to an s-level supersaturated designGUPTA, VK; CHATTERJEE, K; DAS, A; KOLE, B
2002Computation of steady-state response in power electronic circuitsPATIL, MB; CHANDORKAR, MC; FERNANDES, BG; CHATTERJEE, K
2013DC Voltage Controller for Asymmetric-Twin-Converter-Topology-Based High-Power STATCOMANAND, S; FERNANDES, BG; CHATTERJEE, K
2010Design of isolated renewable hybrid power systemsSREERAJ, ES; CHATTERJEE, K; BANDYOPADHYAY, S
2005Direct torque control of open-end winding induction motor drive using the concept of imaginary switching times for marine propulsion systemsKUMAR, A; FERNANDES, BG; CHATTERJEE, K
2004DTC of open-end winding induction motor drive using space vector modulation with reduced switching frequencyKUMAR, A; FERNANDES, BG; CHATTERJEE, K
2015Dynamic analyses and field observations on piles in Kolkata cityCHATTERJEE, K; CHOUDHURY, D; RAO, VD; MUKHERJEE, SP
2004Estimation of optimum wind turbine generator speed parametersRAJU, AB; FERNANDES, BG; CHATTERJEE, K
2015Faster Algorithms for Algebraic Path Properties in Recursive State Machines with Constant TreewidthCHATTERJEE, K; IBSEN-JENSEN, R; PAVLOGIANNIS, A; GOYAL, P
1999An instantaneous reactive volt-ampere compensator and harmonic suppressor systemCHATTERJEE, K; FERNANDES, BG; DUBEY, GK
2016Maximising power yield in a transformerless single-phase grid connected inverter servicing two separate photovoltaic panelsDEBNATH, D; CHATTERJEE, K
2003Modelling and simulation of a grid connected variable speed wind energy conversion systemRAJU, AB; CHATTERJEE, K; FERNANDES, BG
2008Modified one-cycle controlled bidirectional high-power-factor ac-to-dc converterGHODKE, DV; CHATTERJEE, K; FERNANDES, BG
2011Modified one-cycle controlled load compensatorCHATTERJEE, K; GHODKE, DV; CHANDRA, A; AL-HADDAD, K
2012Modified Soft-Switched Three-Phase Three-Level DC-DC Converter for High-Power Applications Having Extended Duty Cycle RangeGHODKE, DV; CHATTERJEE, K; FERNANDES, BG
2013Monitoring torque and traverse force in friction stir welding from input electrical signatures of driving motorsMEHTA, M; CHATTERJEE, K; DE, A
2016Neutral point clamped transformerless grid connected inverter having voltage buck-boost capability for solar photovoltaic systemsDEBNATH, D; CHATTERJEE, K
2003A new current source charge pump electronic ballast having high input power factor and low crest factorRAO, GK; CHATTERJEE, K
1999New high-power low-distortion synchronous-link-converter VAr compensatorCHATTERJEE, K; FERNANDES, BG; DUBEY, GK