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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Ad-hoc multi-planar projector displaysPAIDIMARRI, K; CHANDRAN, S
2005Arrhythmia classification using local Holder exponents and support vector machineJOSHI, A; RAJSHEKHAR; CHANDRAN, S; PHADKE, S; JAYARAMAN, VK; KULKARNI, BD
2007Arterial pulse system : modern methods for traditional Indian medicineJOSHI, A; CHANDRAN, S; JAYARAMAN, VK; KULKARNI, BD
2009Classifying ayurvedic pulse signals via consensus locally linear embeddingJOG, A; JOSHI, A; CHANDRAN, S; MADABHUSHI, A
2004Combining spanning trees and normalized cuts for internet retrievalCHANDRAN, S; RANJAN, A
1996Cryogenic-scanning electron microscopy as a technique to image sol-to-gel transformation in chelated alkoxide systemsHARIDAS, MM; MENON, A; GOYAL, N; CHANDRAN, S; BELLARE, JR
2007Data-intensive image based relightingCHOUDHURY, B; CHANDRAN, S
2007Efficient image updates using light fieldsCHOUDHURY, B; PANDEY, A; CHANDRAN, S
2006Grafting locomotive motionsSHANBHAG, S; CHANDRAN, S
2009Hierarchical normalized cuts : unsupervised segmentation of vascular biomarkers from ovarian cancer tissue microarraysJANOWCZYK, A; CHANDRAN, S; SINGH, R; SASAROLI, D; COUKOS, G; FELDMAN, MD; MADABHUSHI, A
2011A high-throughput active contour scheme for segmentation of histopathological imageryXU, J; JANOWCZYK, A; CHANDRAN, S; MADABHUSHI, A
2012High-Throughput Biomarker Segmentation on Ovarian Cancer Tissue Microarrays via Hierarchical Normalized CutsJANOWCZYK, A; CHANDRAN, S; SINGH, R; SASAROLI, D; COUKOS, G; FELDMAN, MD; MADABHUSHI, A
2009Hybrid SVM for multiclass arrhythmia classificationJOSHI, AJ; CHANDRAN, S; JAYARAMAN, VK; KULKARNI, BD
2004Irregular, unknown light sources in dynamic global illuminationCHANDRAN, S; SRIVASTAVA, MP
2008Manifold optimisation for motion factorisationSHAJI, A; CHANDRAN, S; SUTER, D
2008Multifractality in arterial pulseJOSHI, AJ; CHANDRAN, S; JAYARAMAN, VK; KULKARNI, BD
2007Nadi Thrangini : a pulse based diagnostic systemJOSHI, A; KULKAMI, A; CHANDRAN, S; JAYARARNAN, VK; KULKARNI, BD
2006Real-time camera walks using light fieldsCHOUDHURY, B; SINGLA, D; CHANDRAN, S
2006Reducing false positives in video shot detection using learning techniquesMANICKAM, N; PARNAMI, A; CHANDRAN, S
2010Rendering Wave Effects with Augmented Light FieldOH, SB; KASHYAP, S; GARG, R; CHANDRAN, S; RASKAR, R