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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Adaptive Current Differential Protection Schemes for Transmission-Line ProtectionDAMBHARE, S; SOMAN, SA; CHANDORKAR, MC
2002Computation of steady-state response in power electronic circuitsPATIL, MB; CHANDORKAR, MC; FERNANDES, BG; CHATTERJEE, K
2008Control of four-leg sinewave output inverter using Flux Vector ModulationPATEL, DC; SAWANT, RR; CHANDORKAR, MC
2010Current Differential Protection of Transmission Line Using the Moving Window Averaging TechniqueDAMBHARE, S; SOMAN, SA; CHANDORKAR, MC
2010Decentralized control of a line interactive Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)IYER, SV; BELUR, MN; CHANDORKAR, MC
2008Design and implementation of FPGA-based phase modulation control for series resonant invertersGAYATHRI, N; CHANDORKAR, MC
2014Dual Angle Control for Line-Frequency-Switched Static Synchronous Compensators Under System FaultsBABAEI, S; PARKHIDEH, B; CHANDORKAR, MC; FARDANESH, B; BHATTACHARYA, S
2010A Generalized Computational Method to Determine Stability of a Multi-inverter MicrogridIYER, SV; BELUR, MN; CHANDORKAR, MC
2013Improvement of Transient Response in Microgrids Using Virtual InertiaSONI, N; DOOLLA, S; CHANDORKAR, MC
2016Inertia Design Methods for Islanded Microgrids Having Static and Rotating Energy SourcesSONI, N; DOOLLA, S; CHANDORKAR, MC
2009Methods for multi-functional converter control in three-phase four-wire systemsSAWANT, RR; CHANDORKAR, MC
2014Modeling and Analysis of Stator Interturn Fault Location Effects on Induction MachinesPATEL, DC; CHANDORKAR, MC
2007A multi-functional four-leg grid connected compensatorSAWANT, RR; CHANDORKAR, MC
2009A multifunctional four-leg grid-connected compensatorSAWANT, RR; CHANDORKAR, MC
2008Novel sensitive current differential protection of transmission lineDAMBHARE, S; SOMAN, SA; CHANDORKAR, MC
2010On-line load test for induction machine stator inter-turn fault detection under Stator Electrical AsymmetriesPATEL, DC; CHANDORKAR, MC
2009Power electronic control system development environment on a multi-core platformBAGUL, SN; SAWANT, RR; CHANDORKAR, MC
2017Pre-charging of module capacitors of MMC when the module switches are driven by a source derived from the module capacitorJOSHI, SD; CHANDORKAR, MC; SHUKLA, A
2009Real time simulation of power electronic systems on multi-core processorsDIXIT, V; PATIL, MB; CHANDORKAR, MC
2010Real-Time Electrical Load Emulator Using Optimal Feedback Control TechniqueRAO, YS; CHANDORKAR, MC