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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009An approximate solution to the norm optimal control problemCHAKRABORTY, D; SHAIKSHAVALI, C
2015Computation of feedback control for time optimal state transfer using Groebner basisPATIL, D; MULLA, A; CHAKRABORTY, D; PILLAI, H
2014Computation of Time Optimal Feedback Control Using Groebner BasisPATIL, DU; CHAKRABORTY, D
2009Control during feedback failure : characteristics of the optimal solutionCHAKRABORTY, D; HAMMER, J
2012Damping Control in Power Systems Under Constrained Communication Bandwidth: A Predictor Corrector StrategyCHAUDHURI, NR; CHAKRABORTY, D; CHAUDHURI, B
2016Evaluation of technical and financial benefits of battery-based energy storage systems in distribution networksDEEBA, SR; SHARMA, R; SAHA, TK; CHAKRABORTY, D; THOMAS, A
2014Feedback norm minimisation with regional pole placementDATTA, S; CHAKRABORTY, D
1996Formation and aggregation of polymorphs in continuous precipitation .1. Mathematical modelingCHAKRABORTY, D; BHATIA, SK
1996Formation and aggregation of polymorphs in continuous precipitation .2. Kinetics of CaCO3 precipitationCHAKRABORTY, D; BHATIA, SK
2010Incorporating one-way substitution policy into the newsboy problem with imprecise customer demandDUTTA, P; CHAKRABORTY, D
2009Maximal Open-Loop Operation Under Integral Error ConstraintsCHAKRABORTY, D
2009Optimal control during feedback failureCHAKRABORTY, D; HAMMER, J
2009Optimal low error control of disturbed systemsCHAKRABORTY, D; HAMMER, J
2012Partial Pole Placement with Controller OptimizationDATTA, S; CHAKRABORTY, D; CHAUDHURI, B
2013Pseudo-Static and Pseudo-Dynamic Stability Analysis of Tailings Dam Under Seismic ConditionsCHAKRABORTY, D; CHOUDHURY, D
2016Reduced-order controller synthesis with regional pole constraintDATTA, S; CHAKRABORTY, D; BELUR, MN
2010Robust optimal control: low-error operation for the longest timeCHAKRABORTY, D; HAMMER, J
2013Singular LQ Control, Optimal PD Controller and Inadmissible Initial ConditionsKALAIMANI, RK; BELUR, MN; CHAKRABORTY, D
2014Sliding stability of non-vertical waterfront retaining wall supporting inclined backfill subjected to pseudo-dynamic earthquake forcesCHAKRABORTY, D; CHOUDHURY, D