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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Annealing of In(0.45)Ga(0.55)As/GaAs quantum dots overgrown with large monolayer (11 ML) coverage for applications in thermally stable optoelectronic devicesGHOSH, K; KUNDU, S; HALDER, N; SRUJAN, M; SENGUPTA, S; CHAKRABARTI, S
2017Annihilation of arsenic-nitrogen bonding defects in annealed InAs1-xNx quantum dots grown through nitrogen background pressure-controlled SS-MBEBISWAS, M; MAKKAR, RL; BHATNAGAR, A; CHAKRABARTI, S
2010An approach to suppress the blue-shift of photoluminescence peaks in coupled multilayer InAs/GaAs quantum dots by high temperature post-growth annealingADHIKARY, S; GHOSH, K; CHOWDHURY, S; HALDER, N; CHAKRABARTI, S
2016AuGe surface plasmon enhances photoluminescence of the InAs/GaAs bilayer quantum dot heterostructurePANDEY, SK; TYAGI, L; SHETE, P; GHADI, H; RAWOOL, H; MURKUTE, P; CHAKRABARTI, S
2003Axial resolution limit of a fiber-optic fluorescence probeBALAJI, J; GARAI, K; CHAKRABARTI, S; MAITI, S
2012Barrier Selection Rules for Quantum Dots-in-a-Well Infrared PhotodetectorBARVE, AV; SENGUPTA, S; KIM, JO; MONTOYA, J; KLEIN, B; SHIRAZI, MA; ZAMIRI, M; SHARMA, YD; ADHIKARY, S; GODOY, SE; JANG, WY; FIORANTE, GRC; CHAKRABARTI, S; KRISHNA, S
2004Breaking through the syntax barrier : searching with entities and relationsCHAKRABARTI, S
2009Collective annotation of Wikipedia entities in web textKULKARNI, S; SINGH, A; RAMAKRISHNAN, G; CHAKRABARTI, S
2012Comparison of luminescence properties of bilayer and multilayer InAs/GaAs quantum dotsSHAH, SY; HALDER, N; SENGUPTA, S; CHAKRABARTI, S
2010Comparison of single-layer and bilayer InAs/GaAs quantum dots with a higher InAs coverageSENGUPTA, S; SHAH, SY; HALDER, N; CHAKRABARTI, S
2015Comparison of Three Design Architectures for Quantum Dot Infrared Photodetectors: InGaAs-Capped Dots, Dots-in-a-Well, and Submonolayer Quantum DotsGHADI, H; SENGUPTA, S; SHETTY, S; MANOHAR, A; BALGARKASHI, A; CHAKRABARTI, S; PENDYALA, NB; PRAJAPATI, SL; KUMAR, A
2009A comprehensive study of the effect of in situ annealing at high growth temperature on the morphological and optical properties of self-assembled InAs/GaAs QDsHALDER, N; RASHMI, R; CHAKRABARTI, S; STANLEY, CR; HERRERA, M; BROWNING, ND
2013Comprehensive study on molecular beam epitaxy-grown InAs sub-monolayer quantum dots with different capping combinationsSENGUPTA, S; MANDAL, A; GHADI, H; CHAKRABARTI, S; MATHUR, KL
2017Defect annihilation-mediated enhanced activation energy of GaAs0.979N0.021-capped InAs/GaAs quantum dots by H- ion implantationBISWAS, M; SINGH, S; BALGARKASHI, A; MAKKAR, RL; BHATNAGAR, A; SUBRAHMANYAM, NBV; GUPTA, SK; BHAGWAT, P; CHAKRABARTI, S
2017Demonstration of Fabricated Midwave Infrared InAs/GaSb Type- II Superlattice-based Focal Plane ArraysKUMARI, KCG; RAWOOL, HM; CHAKRABARTI, S
2016Design of High-Precision ROIC for Quantum Dot Infrared PhotodetectorGUPTA, HS; KUMAR, ASK; BAGHINI, MS; CHAKRABARTI, S; SHARMA, DK
2013Design of large dynamic range, low-power, high-precision ROIC for quantum dot infrared photo-detectorGUPTA, HS; KUMAR, ASK; CHAKRABARTI, S; PAUL, S; PARMAR, RM; SAMUDRAIAH, DRM; BAGHINI, MS; SHARMA, DK
2012A detailed investigation on the impact of post-growth annealing on the materials and device characteristics of 35-layer In0.50Ga0.50As/GaAs quantum dot infrared photodetector with quaternary In0.21Al0.21Ga0.58As cappingADHIKARY, S; CHAKRABARTI, S
2013A detailed investigation on the impact of variation in growth rate, monolayer coverage and barrier thickness on the optical characteristics of InAs/GaAs bilayer quantum dot heterostructuresBASU, N; GHOSH, K; KABI, S; SENGUPTA, S; CHAKRABARTI, S