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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Aerosol lofting from sea breeze during the Indian Ocean ExperimentVERMA, S; BOUCHER, O; VENKATARAMAN, C; REDDY, MS; MULLER, D; CHAZETTE, P; CROUZILLE, B
2011Attribution of aerosol radiative forcing over India during the winter monsoon to emissions from source categories and geographical regionsVERMA, S; VENKATARAMAN, C; BOUCHER, O
2003DMS atmospheric concentrations and sulphate aerosol indirect radiative forcing: a sensitivity study to the DMS source representation and oxidationBOUCHER, O; MOULIN, C; BELVISO, S; AUMONT, O; BOPP, L; COSME, E; VON KUHLMANN, R; LAWRENCE, MG; PHAM, M; REDDY, MS; SCIARE, J; VENKATARAMAN, C
2006Emissions from open biomass burning in India: Integrating the inventory approach with high-resolution Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) active-fire and land cover dataVENKATARAMAN, C; HABIB, G; KADAMBA, D; SHRIVASTAVA, M; LEON, JF; CROUZILLE, B; BOUCHER, O; STREETS, DG
2004General circulation model estimates of aerosol transport and radiative forcing during the Indian Ocean ExperimentREDDY, MS; BOUCHER, O; VENKATARAMAN, C; VERMA, S; LEON, JF; BELLOUIN, N; PHAM, M
2008Origin of surface and columnar Indian Ocean Experiment (INDOEX) aerosols using source- and region-tagged emissions transport in a general circulation modelVERMA, S; VENKATARAMAN, C; BOUCHER, O
2006Seasonal and interannual variability in absorbing aerosols over India derived from TOMS: Relationship to regional meteorology and emissionsHABIB, G; VENKATARAMAN, C; CHIAPELLO, I; RAMACHANDRAN, S; BOUCHER, O; REDDY, MS
2007Source evaluation of aerosols measured during the Indian Ocean Experiment using combined chemical transport and back trajectory modelingVERMA, S; VENKATARAMAN, C; BOUCHER, O; RAMACHANDRAN, S