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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Characterization of Hydrocarbon-bearing Fluid Inclusion in Sandstones of Jaisalmer Basin, Rajasthan: A Preliminary ApproachVERMA, D; JADHAV, GN; BISWAL, TK; JENA, SK; SHARMA, N
2003Deformation history of the NW salient of the Eastern Ghats Mobile Belt, IndiaBISWAL, TK; SINHA, S
2000Deformation of terrane boundary shear zone (Lakhna shear zone) between Eastern Ghats Mobile Belt and Bastar Craton in Balangir and Kalahandi Districts, OrissaBISWAL, TK; JENA, SK; DATTA, S; DAS, R; KHAN, K
2002Deformation pattern of the NW terrane boundary of the Eastern Ghats Mobile Belt, India: a tectonic model and correlation with AntarcticaBISWAL, TK; BISWAL, B; MITRA, S; MOULIK, MR
1998Deformational history of Eastern Ghat Mobile Belt around Lathore, Balangir district, OrissaBISWAL, TK; SANJEEVAN, G; NAYAK, BP
2004Emplacement kinematics of nepheline syenites from the terrane boundary shear zone of the eastern ghats mobile belt, west of Khariar, NW Orissa: Evidence from meso- and microstructuresBISWAL, TK; AHUJA, H; SAHU, HS
1997Evidence of ductile shearing from the extensional crenulation cleavage: An example from Zawar area, the Aravalli mountainBISWAL, TK; NAYAK, S; HARISH, TR; UNIKRISHNAN, S
2010The evolution and significance of microfracturing within feldspars in low-grade granitic mylonites: A case study from the Eastern Ghats Mobile Belt, IndiaSINHA, S; ALSOP, GI; BISWAL, TK
2000Fold-thrust belt geometry of the Eastern Ghats Mobile Belt, a structural study from its western margin, Orissa, IndiaBISWAL, TK
2004Fold-thrust-belt structure of the Proterozoic Eastern Ghats Mobile Belt: A proposed correlation between India and Antarctica in GondwanaBISWAL, TK; SINHA, S
2014Geoinformatic Modeling of Groundwater Resource Mapping of Shear Zone Regions- A Case Study on Attur Valley, Tamil Nadu, IndiaTHIRUKUMARAN, V; KUMANAN, CJ; BISWAL, TK
1998Implications of the geochemistry of the pelitic granulites of the Delhi supergroup, Aravalli mountain belt, Northwestern IndiaBISWAL, TK; GYANI, KC; PARTHASARATHY, R; PANT, DR
1998IRS-1C digital data interpretation of lithotectonic setting in northwestern part of the Eastern Ghats Mobile Belt, OrissaBISWAL, TK; SAHOO, D
1999Large lateral ramp in the fold-thrust belts of mesoproterozoic eastern ghats mobile belt, eastern indiaBISWAL, TK; JENA, SK
1998The lithotectonic setting of the eastern ghat mobile belt and adjoining craton in western orissa, india: an example of mesoproterozoic fold-thrust beltBISWAL, TK
2013Palaeomagnetic, geochronological and geochemical study of Mesoproterozoic Lakhna Dykes in the Bastar Craton, India: Implications for the Mesoproterozoic supercontinentPISAREVSKY, SA; BISWAL, TK; WANG, XC; DE WAELE, B; ERNST, R; SODERLUND, U; TAIT, JA; RATRE, K; SINGH, YK; CLEVE, M
2004Pseudotachylites of the Kui-Chitraseni shear zones of the precambrian Aravalli Motintain, RajasthanBISWAL, TK; SARKAR, S; PAL, A; CHAKRABORTY, U
2003Rb-Sr age and Sr isotopic composition of alkaline dykes near Mumbai: Further evidence for the Deccan Trap-Reunion plume connectionSAHU, R; KUMAR, A; SUBBARAO, KV; WALSH, JN; BISWAL, TK
2006Remote sensing study of granulitic terrain in parts of Gujarat and RajasthanANBAZHAGAN, S; BISWAL, TK; ROY, T; KUSUMA, KN
2011SHRIMP geochronology for the 1450 Ma Lakhna dyke swarm: Its implication for the presence of Eoarchaean crust in the Bastar Craton and 1450-517 Ma depositional age for Purana basin (Khariar), Eastern Indian Peninsula - ReplyRATRE, K; DE WAELE, B; BISWAL, TK; SINHA, S