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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Coupling reactions of ferro cenylacetylene on metal carbonyls.MATHUR, P; SINGH, AK; SINGH, VK; BHUNIA, AK; SINGH, P
2004Formation of mixed Fe/W/S complexes bearing oxo and acetylide ligands : synthesis and characterization of [(eta(5)-C5Me5)W2Fe2(CO)(6)(O)(2)(mu-O)(mu(3)-S)(2) (eta(1):eta(2)-CCR)] (R=Ph, (Me)C=CH2) and [(eta(5)-C5Me5)W2Fe2(CO)(6)(O)(mu-O)(mu(3)-S)(2) (eta(1):eta(2)-CCR)(eta(2)-RCCH)] (R=Ph, (Me)C=CH2)MATHUR, P; BHUNIA, AK; MOBIN, SM
2004Photochemical reactions of Fe(CO)(5) with monometal alkynyls and free alkynes: Synthesis and characterization of [(eta(5)-C5Me5)Fe2Mo(CO)(7){mu(3)-eta(1):eta(4):eta(2)-C(H)C(Ph)C(Ph)C}] and diferrocenylquinonesMATHUR, P; BHUNIA, AK; MOBIN, SM; SINGH, VK; SRINIVASU, C
2005Synthesis and characterization of ferrocenylchalcogenopropargyl complexes [Fe(eta(5)-(C5H4ECH2C)-C-I CH)(2)] (E-I = Se, S) and their reactions to form unusual ferrocenyl-containing metal clusters with eclipsed Cp rings and new five-membered (FeECH)-C-I = CCH2 ring ligand systemMATHUR, P; SINGH, VK; MOBIN, SM; SRINIVASU, C; TRIVEDI, R; BHUNIA, AK; PURANIKI, VG
2002Synthesis, structure, and reactivity of mixed-metal clusters bearing eta(1)-acetylide groups, (eta(5)-C5H5)MFe2(mu(3)-E)(2)(CO)(6)(eta(1)-CCPh) (M = Mo or W and E = Se or Te)MATHUR, P; BHUNIA, AK; KUMAR, A; CHATTERJEE, S; MOBIN, SM
2004Transition metal, non-metal carbonyl clustrs as supports for unusual acetylide reactivityMATHUR, P; BHUNIA, AK; SRINIVASU, C; MOBIN, SM