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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Analysis of a non-constant gap externally pressurized conical bearing with temperature and pressure dependent viscositySINHA, P; CHANDRA, P; BHARTIYA, S
2011Characterization of the adaptive response and growth upon hyperosmotic shock in Saccharomyces cerevisiaePARMAR, JH; BHARTIYA, S; VENKATESH, KV
2016A computationally efficient robust tube based MPC for linear switched systemsHARIPRASAD, K; BHARTIYA, S
2009A computationally efficient scheme for model predictive control of nonlinear hybrid systems using generalized outer approximationNANDOLA, NN; BHARTIYA, S
2016Constrained Unscented Gaussian Sum Filter for state estimation of nonlinear dynamical systemsKOTTAKKI, KK; BHUSHAN, M; BHARTIYA, S
2003Dynamic model of Escherichia coli tryptophan operon shows an optimal structural designBHARTIYA, S; RAWOOL, S; VENKATESH, KV
2009Effect of Loop Configuration on Steam Drum Level Control for a Multiple Drum Interconnected Loops Pressure Tube Type Boiling Water ReactorGAIKWAD, AJ; VIJAYAN, PK; IYER, K; BHARTIYA, S; KUMAR, R; LELE, HG; GHOSH, AK; KUSHWAHA, HS; SINHA, RK
2017An Efficient and Stabilizing Model Predictive Control of Switched SystemsHARIPRASAD, K; BHARTIYA, S
2010Experimental and steady-state analysis of the GAL regulatory system in Kluyveromyces lactisPANNALA, VR; BHARTIYA, S; VENKATESH, KV
2017Facile synthesis of highly conducting and mesoporous carbon aerogel as platinum support for PEM fuel cellsSINGH, R; SINGH, MK; BHARTIYA, S; SINGH, A; KOHLI, DK; GHOSH, PC; MEENAKSHI, S; GUPTA, PK
2012A gap metric based multiple model approach for nonlinear switched systemsHARIPRASAD, K; BHARTIYA, S; GUDI, RD
2012Global optimization of mixed-integer nonlinear (polynomial) programming problems: the Bernstein polynomial approachPATIL, BV; NATARAJ, PSV; BHARTIYA, S
2012Growth-related model of the GAL system in Saccharomyces cerevisiae predicts behaviour of several mutant strainsPANNALA, VR; HAZARIKA, SJ; BHAT, PJ; BHARTIYA, S; VENKATESH, KV
2016Influence of plasma macronutrient levels on hepatic metabolism: role of regulatory networks in homeostasis and disease statesSOMVANSHI, PR; PATEL, AK; BHARTIYA, S; VENKATESH, KV
2017Integrated microalgae biorefinery: Impact of product demand profile and prospect of carbon captureSEN GUPTA, S; SHASTRI, Y; BHARTIYA, S
2017Linear Machine Solution to Point Location ProblemAIRAN, A; BHUSHAN, M; BHARTIYA, S
2016Model-based optimisation of biodiesel production from microalgaeSEN GUPTA, S; SHASTRI, Y; BHARTIYA, S
2006Model-based optimization of feeding recipe for rifamycin fermentationBAPAT, PM; PADIYAR, NU; DAVE, NN; BHARTIYA, S; WANGIKAR, PP; DASH, S
2009A model-based study delineating the roles of the two signaling branches of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Sho1 and Sln1, during adaptation to osmotic stressPARMAR, JH; BHARTIYA, S; VENKATESH, KV
2006Multiple feedback loop design in the tryptophan regulatory network of Escherichia coli suggests a paradigm for robust regulation of processes in seriesBHARTIYA, S; CHAUDHARY, N; VENKATESH, KV; DOYLE, FJ