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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003alpha radioactivity of superheavy nucleiGAMBHIR, YK; BHAGWAT, A; GUPTA, M; JAIN, AK
2005alpha-decay half-lives of the observed superheavy nuclei (Z=108-118)GAMBHIR, YK; BHAGWAT, A; GUPTA, M
2008The alpha-nucleus potential for fusion and decayBHAGWAT, A; GAMBHIR, YK
2004Anomaly in the nuclear charge radii of Zr isotopesHEMALATHA, M; BHAGWAT, A; SHRIVASTAVA, A; KAILAS, S; GAMBHIR, YK
2012Brueckner-Hartree-Fock-based optical potential for proton-He-4,He-6,He-8 and proton-Li-6,Li-7,Li-9,Li-11 scatteringRAFI, S; BHAGWAT, A; HAIDER, W; GAMBHIR, YK
2004Charge changing cross sections: microscopic descriptionBHAGWAT, A; GAMBHIR, YK
2003Isospin dependence of ground state properties of A=20 isobarsBHAGWAT, A; GAMBHIR, YK
2006Microscopic description of measured reaction cross sections at low projectile energiesBHAGWAT, A; GAMBHIR, YK
2011Microscopic description of proton scattering at 295 MeV from Pb isotopesRAFI, S; PACHOURI, D; SHARMA, M; BHAGWAT, A; HAIDER, W; GAMBHIR, YK
2008Microscopic description of recently measured reaction cross sections of neutron-rich nuclei in the vicinity of the N=20 and N=28 closed shellsBHAGWAT, A; GAMBHIR, YK
2005Microscopic description of superheavy nucleiGAMBHIR, YK; BHAGWAT, A; GUPTA, M
2015Microscopic investigations of alpha emitters close to the N = Z lineMAHARANA, JP; BHAGWAT, A; GAMBHIR, YK
2004Microscopic investigations of mass and charge changing cross sectionsBHAGWAT, A; GAMBHIR, YK
2005Nuclear data sheets for a=254BHAGWAT, A
2000Nuclear densities in the neutron-halo regionBHAGWAT, A; GAMBHIR, YK; PATIL, SH
2001Nuclear densities of Li isotopesBHAGWAT, A; GAMBHIR, YK; PATIL, SH
2014Nucleon density distribution in C-9RAFI, S; BHAGWAT, A; HAIDER, W; GAMBHIR, YK
2006Recently measured reaction cross sections with low energy fp-shell nuclei as projectiles: Microscopic descriptionBHAGWAT, A; GAMBHIR, YK
2003Recently observed charge radius anomaly in neon isotopesBHAGWAT, A; GAMBHIR, YK
2006Relativistic mean field and some recent applicationsGAMBHIR, YK; BHAGWAT, A