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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Arsenic contamination in groundwater, Murshidabad district, West BengalCHANDRASEKHARAM, D; KARMAKAR, J; BERNER, Z; STUBEN, D
2003Arsenic enrichment in groundwater of West Bengal, India: geochemical evidence for mobilization of As under reducing conditionsSTUBEN, D; BERNER, Z; CHANDRASEKHARAM, D; KARMAKAR, J
2012Dissolved organic carbon from the traditional jute processing technique and its potential influence on arsenic enrichment in the Bengal DeltaFAROOQ, SH; CHANDRASEKHARAM, D; ABBT-BRAUN, G; BERNER, Z; NORRA, S; STUBEN, D
2004Geochemical and isotopic anomalies preceding K/T boundary in the Cauvery basin, South India: Implications for end Cretaceous eventsRAMKUMAR, M; STUBEN, D; BERNER, Z; SCHNEIDER, J
2010Influence of traditional agricultural practices on mobilization of arsenic from sediments to groundwater in Bengal deltaFAROOQ, SH; CHANDRASEKHARAM, D; BERNER, Z; NORRA, S; STUBEN, D
2017On the distribution and speciation of arsenic in the soil-plant-system of a rice field in West-Bengal, India: A mu-synchrotron techniques based case studyKRAMAR, U; NORRA, S; BERNER, Z; KICZKA, M; CHANDRASEKHARAM, D
2007Oxygen isotopic composition of Albian-Turonian foraminifera from Cauvery Basin, India: Evidence of warm sea-surface temperatureDAS GUPTA, K; SARASWATI, PK; KRAMAR, U; RAVINDRAN, CN; STUBEN, D; BERNER, Z
2011Temporal variations in arsenic concentration in the groundwater of Murshidabad District, West Bengal, IndiaFAROOQ, SH; CHANDRASEKHARAM, D; NORRA, S; BERNER, Z; EICHE, E; THAMBIDURAI, P; STUBEN, D