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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Active noise cancellation using H∞ control techniquesBELUR, MN; BANAVAR, RN; MAHINDRAKAR, AD
2005Behavioral control in the presence of disturbancesJULIUS, AA; BELUR, MN
2003The canonical controller and its regularityWILLEMS, JC; JULIUS, AA; BELUR, MN; TRENTELMAN, HL
2005The canonical controllers and regular interconnectionJULIUS, AA; WILLEMS, JC; BELUR, MN; TRENTELMAN, HL
2012Computing the radius of controllability for state space systemsKHARE, SR; PILLAI, HK; BELUR, MN
2010Decentralized control of a line interactive Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)IYER, SV; BELUR, MN; CHANDORKAR, MC
2007Dissipative systems synthesis: A linear algebraic approachBELUR, MN; PILLAI, HK; TRENTELMAN, HL
2005Dissipative systems synthesis: a linear algebraic approachBELUR, MN; PILLAI, HARISH K; TRENTELMAN, HL
2010Finite gain and phase margins as dissipativity conditionsPAL, D; BELUR, MN
2010A Generalized Computational Method to Determine Stability of a Multi-inverter MicrogridIYER, SV; BELUR, MN; CHANDORKAR, MC
2013Generic pole assignability, structurally constrained controllers and unimodular completionKALAIMANI, RK; BELUR, MN; SIVASUBRAMANIAN, S
2012Improper L-infinity Optimal/Suboptimal ControllersPAL, D; BELUR, MN
2010Impulse free interconnection of dynamical systemsVINJAMOOR, H; BELUR, MN
2013Nyquist plots, finite gain/phase margins & dissipativityPAL, D; BELUR, MN
2003On the dissipativity of uncontrollable systemsCAMLIBEL, MK; WILLEMS, JC; BELUR, MN
2001Regular implementability and its application to stabilization of system behaviorsBELUR, MN; TRENTELMAN, HL; WILLEMS, JC
2013Singular LQ Control, Optimal PD Controller and Inadmissible Initial ConditionsKALAIMANI, RK; BELUR, MN; CHAKRABORTY, D
2004The strict dissipativity synthesis problem and the rank of the coupling QDFBELUR, MN; TRENTELMAN, HL
2014Uncontrollable dissipative systems: observability and embeddabilityKARIKALAN, S; BELUR, MN; ATHALYE, CD; RAZAK, RA