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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006An academic perspective on globalization in the software industryBELLUR, UMESH
2008An adaptive approach for ensuring reliability in event based middlewareMAHAMBRE, SHRUTI P; BELLUR, UMESH
2008Correctness of request executions in online updates of concurrent object oriented programsMURARKA, YOGESH; BELLUR, UMESH
2007A distributed algorithm for underlay aware and available overlay formation in event broker networks for publish/subscribe systemsMADHU KUMAR, SD; BELLUR, UMESH
2007Improved matchmaking algorithm for semantic Web Services based on bipartite graph matchingBELLUR, UMESH; KULKARNI, ROSHAN
2005Mapping application QoS to network configurations for MPLS networksGOYAL, SUDEEP; BELLUR, UMESH
2007A methodology & tool for determining inter-component dependencies dynamically in J2EE environmentsBELLUR, UMESH
2006On OO design consistency in iterative developmentBELLUR, UMESH; VALLIESWARAN, V
2007Reliable routing of event notifications over P2P overlay routing substrate in event based middlewareMAHAMBRE, SHRUTI P; BELLUR, UMESH
2007Root cause isolation for self healing in J2EE environmentsBELLUR, UMESH; AGRAWAL, AMAR
2006Safety analysis for dynamic update of object oriented programsMURARKA, YOGESH; BELLUR, UMESH; JOSHI, RUSHIKESH K
2007A taxonomy of QoS-aware, adaptive event-dissemination middlewareMAHAMBRE, SHRUTI P; MADHU KUMAR, SD; BELLUR, UMESH
2004Topology based automation of distributed applications managementBELLUR, UMESH
2006Towards a programming model and middleware architecture for self-configuring systemsBELLUR, UMESH; NARENDRA, NC
2005Towards service orientation in pervasive computing systemsBELLUR, UMESH; NARENDRA, NC
2006A versioning scheme for consistent evolution of OO applicationsBELLUR, UMESH; VALLIESWARAN, V