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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Cellular interactions of lauric acid and dextran-coated magnetite nanoparticlesPRADHAN, PALLAB; GIRI, JYOTSNENDU; BANERJEE, RINTI; BELLARE, JAYESH; BAHADUR, DHIRENDRA
2001Effect of phospholipid mixtures and surfactant formulations on rheology of polymeric gels, simulating mucus, at shear rates experienced in the tracheobronchial treeBANERJEE, R; BELLARE, JAYESH; PUNIYANI, RR
2005Extended time range modeling of myelin growthTARIBAGIL, RAJIV; ARUNAGIRINATHAN, MA; MANOHAR, C; BELLARE, JAYESH
2008From dispersed nanodiscs to thin films of layered organic material via reversible swellingDUBOIS, M; CARRIÈRE, D; IYER, R; ARUNAGIRINATHAN, MA; BELLARE, JAYESH; VERBAVATZ, JM; ZEMB, TH
1999Gellability zone for aluminium alkoxidesHARIDAS, MANOJ M; BELLARE, JAYESH
2001In vitro evaluation of surfactants with eucalyptus oil for respiratory distress syndromeBANERJEE, R; BELLARE, JAYESH
2000Manufacture of gem quality diamonds: a reviewCHOUDHARY, DEVASHISH; BELLARE, JAYESH
2007Micelle assisted morphological evolution of silver nanoparticlesCHAUDHARI, VIJAY R; HARAM, SANTOSH K; KULSHRESHTHA, SK; BELLARE, JAYESH; HASSAN, PA
2003Myelin growth and initial dynamicsDAVE, HITESH; SURVE, MEGHA; MANOHAR, C; BELLARE, JAYESH
2007Preparation and characterization of manganese ferrite-based magnetic liposomes for hyperthermia treatment of cancerPRADHAN, PALLAB; GIRI, JYOTSNENDU; BANERJEE, RINTI; BELLARE, JAYESH; BAHADUR, DHIRENDRA
2008Quantification of organoclay dispersion and lamellar morphology in poly(propylene)–clay nanocomposites with small angle X-ray scatteringPRESCHILLA, NISHA; SIVALINGAM, G; ABDUL RASHEED, AS; TYAGI, SANDEEP; BISWAS, AMIT; BELLARE, JAYESH
2006Self-assembled films of nickel hexacyanoferrate: electrochemical properties and application in potassium ion sensingBAGKAR, NITIN; BETTY, CA; HASSAN, PA; KAHALI, K; BELLARE, JAYESH; YAKHMI, JV
2008A small-angle X-ray scattering study of the structure of lysozyme–sodium dodecyl sulfate complexesNARAYANAN, JANAKY; ABDUL RASHEED, AS; BELLARE, JAYESH
1999Sonogelling in boron alkoxides and visualization of “wet” boria microstructures by cryo-SEMHARIDAS, MANOJ M; BELLARE, JAYESH
1999Time and temperature based gellability zones in modified titanium alkoxide solsHARIDAS, MANOJ M; DATTA, SUNDIP; BELLARE, JAYESH