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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009An Analysis of FtsZ Assembly Using Small Angle X-ray Scattering and Electron MicroscopyKUCHIBHATLA, A; RASHEED, ASA; NARAYANAN, J; BELLARE, J; PANDA, D
2011Cationic lipid enhances assembly of bacterial cell division protein FtsZ: A possible role of bacterial membrane in FtsZ assembly dynamicsKUCHIBHATLA, A; BELLARE, J; PANDA, D
2017Comparative bone regeneration study of hardystonite and hydroxyapatite as filler in critical-sized defect of rat calvariaKHANNA, K; JAISWAL, A; DHUMAL, RV; SELKAR, N; CHAUDHARI, P; SONI, VP; VANAGE, GR; BELLARE, J
2007Comparative evaluation of heating ability and biocompatibility of different ferrite-based magnetic fluids for hyperthermia applicationPRADHAN, P; GIRI, J; SAMANTA, G; SARMA, HD; MISHRA, KP; BELLARE, J; BANERJEE, R; BAHADUR, D
2015Coumarine-imino-C2-glucosyl conjugate as receptor for Cu2+ in blood serum milieu, on silica gel sheet and in Hep G2 cells and the characterization of the species of recognitionARETI, S; KHEDKAR, JK; BANDARU, S; TEOTIA, R; BELLARE, J; RAO, CP
2015Dioscorea bulbifera Mediated Synthesis of Novel AucoreAgshell Nanoparticles with Potent Antibiofilm and Antileishmanial ActivityGHOSH, S; JAGTAP, S; MORE, P; SHETE, UJ; MAHESHWARI, NO; RAO, SJ; KITTURE, R; KALE, S; BELLARE, J; PATIL, S; PAL, JK; CHOPADE, BA
2015Diosgenin Functionalized Iron Oxide Nanoparticles as Novel Nanomaterial Against Breast CancerGHOSH, S; MORE, P; DERLE, A; KITTURE, R; KALE, T; GORAIN, M; AVASTHI, A; MARKAD, P; KUNDU, GC; KALE, S; DHAVALE, DD; BELLARE, J; CHOPADE, BA
2009Does a nanomolecule of carboplatin injected periocularly help in attaining higher intravitreal concentrations?SHOME, D; PODDAR, N; SHARMA, V; SHEOREY, U; MARU, GB; INGLE, A; SARIN, R; BANAVALI, S; DIKSHIT, R; JAIN, V; HONAVAR, S; BELLARE, J
2001Effect of calcium on the surface properties of phospholipid monolayers with respect to surfactant formulations in Respiratory Distress SyndromeBANERJEE, R; BELLARE, J
2017Effect of lactate and pH on mouse pluripotent stem cells: Importance of media analysisGUPTA, P; HOURIGAN, K; JADHAV, S; BELLARE, J; VERMA, P
2013Enhanced Growth of Endothelial Precursor Cells on PCG-Matrix Facilitates Accelerated, Fibrosis-Free, Wound Healing: A Diabetic Mouse ModelKANITKAR, M; JAISWAL, A; DESHPANDE, R; BELLARE, J; KALE, VP
2012Evaluation of quaternary phosphonium-based polymer membranes for desalination applicationWANG, K; ZENG, Y; HE, L; YAO, JF; SURESH, AK; BELLARE, J; SRIDHAR, T; WANG, HT
2008Ferrite-Silica-Insulin nanocomposites (FeSINC) for glucose reductionDWIVEDI, N; ARUNAGIRINATHAN, MA; SHARMA, S; BELLARE, J
2010Ferrite-Silica-Insulin Nanocomposites (FeSINC) for Glucose ReductionDWIVEDI, N; ARUNAGIRINATHAN; SHARMA, S; BELLARE, J
2014Flow Characterization of a Spinner Flask for Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Culture ApplicationISMADI, MZ; GUPTA, P; FOURAS, A; VERMA, P; JADHAV, S; BELLARE, J; HOURIGAN, K
2012Gnidia glauca flower extract mediated synthesis of gold nanoparticles and evaluation of its chemocatalytic potentialGHOSH, S; PATIL, S; AHIRE, M; KITTURE, R; GURAV, DD; JABGUNDE, AM; KALE, S; PARDESI, K; SHINDE, V; BELLARE, J; DHAVALE, DD; CHOPADE, BA
2017Graphene oxide nanosheets and d-alpha-Tocopheryl polyethylene glycol 1000 succinate (TPGS) doping improves biocompatibility and ultrafiltration in polyethersulfone hollow fiber membranesMODI, A; VERMA, SK; BELLARE, J
2005An improved specimen loader for cryo-scanning electron microscopyIYER, R; ARUNAGIRINATHAN, MA; PRABHU, CS; BELLARE, J
2017Islet encapsulated implantable composite hollow fiber membrane based device: A bioartificial pancreasTEOTIA, RS; KADAM, S; SINGH, AK; VERMA, SK; BAHULEKAR, A; KANETKAR, S; BELLARE, J